Work At Home Business: Surprising Facts

Work At Home Business: Surprising Facts Home business¬† or “home-based business” or referred to by the acronym “HBB”, this trend of self-employment, work at home solutions ,¬† small business types, exploring virtual, global, digital marketplace and opportunity is where the buzz is. Many argue and postulate, even predict that this is what the world and […]

The Best Disney Movies Of All Time

Regardless of age, gender, status and nationality, everyone has his or her favorite Disney movie. This is because everyone can relate to the stories and the characters in each movie released by the biggest media and entertainment company in the world, the Walt Disney Company. Through the years, Disney has made its mark by producing […]

The Role of Religion in Presidential Politics

This year’s Presidential election presents a wide spectrum of religious faith amongst the candidates. This year more than ever, it begs the question: What role, if any, should religion play in the policies of the Federal government? The American people seem to lean towards the side of preferring religious candidates. After all, there’s no point […]

Duncan Hunter – Republican

Duncan Hunter was born May 31, 1948 in Riverside, California. He graduated from Rubidoux High School in 1966. He first attended the University of Montana for a year, then transferred to the University of California at Santa Barbara, before enlisting in the United States Army in 1969. This would lead him to serve in the […]

NBA Fan Voice

When the Portland Trail Blazers first launched their social networking site, people were amused but only mildly interested. However, the soaring popularity of the site led to more and more teams launching their own official social network. Finally, the attraction of having a direct connection with fans all over the world proved to be too […]

Easing The Pain Of Golf Club Selection

Golf is a sport that is played by millions the world over, and has been around for several centuries. However, it is said that few truly understand the sport and know what makes the game run like it does. If you are in the market for clubs, you need to remember that while many people […]

What Flex Rating is the Best for your Golf Clubs?

There are so many things to consider when you choose your new golf clubs. The length of the shaft, the weight of the head, the grip, and many other smaller details combine to make clubs that are perfect for your golfing style. Perhaps the most important factor is that of the flex of the golf […]

Theft Proofing Your Mailbox

Although most people only think about their home and property when dealing with home security, the mailbox is equally as important. On a daily basis, there is a lot of personal information that goes through your mailbox. Even though burglary is a concern, identity theft is just as big of a concern as well. Most […]

The Greatest Beaches in the World

The classic conflict that comes up when the family is voting on the next great vacation outing is, ?Should we go to the mountains or the beach?? Well if you review all that America has to offer, it wont get much easier because we have some of the most exciting mountains and the finest beaches […]

Quickly Improve Your Golf Swing

As you begin to learn golf, you will be told that there are a few key aspects of the game like a correct posture, correct grip and the right swing that can make the world of a difference to your game. You may have mastered your posture and your grip but you have been struggling […]

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