Advantages and Disadvantages Of RVs

Holiday times often turn out to be very distressing times for families because of the amount of planning involved; in deciding routes, how much time to spend where, not to mention figuring out how they are going to manage all this in their limited budget. Till, someone mentions the possibility of traveling by an RV to them. The thought of traveling in complete freedom and in home-like comfort is very tempting. However, before spending your vacation time traveling in an RV, you might want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of RV travel.

Let us first begin by listing some of the advantages:

  • ·    There are over 14,000 well-appointed parks and campgrounds in the country today and you are bound to find one near a place that attracts you. If you are traveling and find yourself near a place that is just too serene and lovely to pass by, you are free to park your RV in the nearest campground and spend some time there.
  • ·    You can save plenty of dollars on hotel rooms. It is never easy to find comfortable rooms that can hold your entire family and still turn out to be affordable. Campground and parks do charge some fees but they are still far less expensive than hotel rooms.
  • ·    Even if you are constantly traveling, you do not need to worry about unpacking your bags and then packing them again when you have to move. Once you have moved your clothes and other supplies into the RV, they stay there till the end of your trip.
  • ·    Whenever you are tired, hungry or just need to use the bathroom, you have the comforts of home just a few feet away.

If all this looks really attractive and you feel tempted to try traveling by an RV soon, perhaps you may also want to take a quick look at some of the disadvantages:

  • ·    With the price of gas increasing everyday, you have to consider what you will spend on gas alone while traveling from place to place. Many big RVs take up a lot of gas and even smaller ones may need prohibitively large amounts of gas.
  • ·    While you may have complete freedom in deciding where you want to camp, you may severely cramped by the lack of privacy. Especially during vacation time, you may have a large number of families heading out into the countryside in their RVs and camping grounds, however big, can easily become very crowded and noisy.
  • ·    Even if you are on vacation, you may still end up doing a lot of cooking and cleaning.
  • ·    There are many unexpected emergencies you may have to deal with like your RV malfunctioning, not finding any ideal spots to camp as you had imagined you would and finally spending more money than you had budgeted for.
  • ·    Once you are done with your RV travel, you will need enough space to park it till you require it for the next trip. Some leave it in the driveway but in addition to making the whole area cramped, you may also face resistance from neighbors. Further, leaving an RV in the open may cause it serious damage.