Advantages of XM Satellite Radio

Advantages of XM Satellite Radio

The XM Radio Service was initiated in the year 1992 and it has been successful in providing subscription to over 6 million listeners till date. With the headquarters in Washington DC, this service employs 3 satellites for carrying out the radio communication.

There are variety of channels offered by XM including 21 for the weather and traffic information and 30 for sports, news and entertainment shows. XM is also facilitated with 69 separate networks for music. You can listen to almost all the sports events that are live on the XM radio service.

The subscribers with the Internet connection can listen to the music channels irrespective of the place. And, the break-free music is like a delightful experience for the listeners.

The unique quality of music shows and talk shows of the XM radio service is hard to find anywhere else. There is a galaxy of the most popular channels to be offered by the XM including Disney, ESPN Radio, XM Comedy, FOX News, Major League Baseball, XM Instant Traffic and Weather, and Nashville.

There are around 160 digital radio streams that are available for the whole of the day. The digital technology provides the sound that is a delight to hear.

There is a website called, which provides you with the list of the various channels offered by the XM and also the kinds of programs broadcasted on each channel.

The latest breakthrough in the XM Radio Service is its availability through Direct TV. The recent achievement for the XM is that it has been added to the onboard list of entertainment options by the United Airlines.

The airline is providing the 19 break free music channels of The XM radio service during the time of the flights. The radio service called XM is also collaborating with the popular car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, Nissan and many more in order to introduce the popular satellite radio service in the new car models.

Recently, United Airlines added XM to its menu of onboard entertainment offerings.

The main attractions of XM satellite radios include the music programs like Artist Confidential Series along with interviews of popular stars like Joan Baez, Paul McCartney and Coldplay.

There is plan to include new series like Oprah & Friends. The famous hosts host the shows concerning issues like diet, health and others. The XM radio service is indeed the best source of entertainment for the people across the region of US and Canada.