Advantages To Repurpose Content

Repurposing Content is an excellent way of re-using existing content but packaging it in different formats so that a wider audience can be reached. This will give you greater visibility as a professional or enhance the marketing and advertising efforts of your business. Let us look at what some of the key advantages of repurposing content are-

·    Your clients may prefer to get their information in different formats. For example, some may not mind downloading an ebook if it contains the information they want and going through it from first to last. Some do not have the patience or time to go through an entire ebook. They prefer that their information be served to them in small doses, say in the form of a series of articles. They can go through each article one at a time and digest the information slowly. Many others are too busy too even sit and browse the Internet or read through a magazine. They may prefer to have the information read to them even as they are busy in some other activity. For example, many prefer to listen to podcasts as they are commuting or while they are driving or while they are working out.

By making your content available in various multimedia formats, you are able to reach far more customers than you would have if you had stuck to just one format. Further, the efforts you have taken to present the information in various formats will also be appreciated by your customers.

·    Other than just increasing visibility or the chances of getting more sales or clients, you can also repurpose content to start earning some additional revenue.
o    If you frequently give talks, hold presentations, conduct workshops or teleseminars, make arrangements to have audio and video recordings of all of them. You can now rework this audio content in two or three different ways. For one, you can make the presentations available directly for download from your website for a nominal charge or have it available on a CD to be mailed out for a small fee. The audio content can be quickly divided into small files containing discussions on a common topic and be made available as podcasts, again for a small charge. Finally, one can have the audio content transcribed and turned into a series of articles or compiled to form a comprehensive ebook. You can charge visitors a small amount to view the articles or download the ebook.
o    If you have been constantly putting up articles or posting on blogs, you could combine a few articles or posts to form a short report. Of course, you may need to do some additional research and back up your statements with figures and statistics. However, at the end of it, you will be ready with a report that will serve as a good reference and which your visitors will be more than willing to buy.
o    If you have been regularly updating the content of your site, you may have a large collection of articles and various resources. You could allow visitors to access brief articles but charge them membership fees if they want to view the full article.