Advice For New Moms

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Advice For New Moms

Being a new mom is always full of challenges and one cannot prepare for this event in advance. During and after pregnancy a new mom will never fall short of that special ‘new mom advise’.

Advise comes from everyone around the new mom, her parents, her friends, her colleagues etc. Some advices may make the new mom mad or make her laugh but is always important to remember that each baby is different and has different needs and the new mom has to find out what works best for her and her baby.

Each advise should be taken with a different stride and the new moms shouldn’t be discouraged if any one or none of the advise work for her and her baby. The best new mom advise one can give is to take help of a family member when the baby comes home. Initially the new mom is tired due to labor and getting to know the new baby in her life. So with a family member for example the new mom’s mother is a great help as the new mom will not feel like cooking and cleaning around the house.

The family member can help with the household chores and may also be of great help with the baby. If the baby is colicky, initially it may cry too much, it can be a stress full experience. But the best new mom advise will be to not let affect this crying and do the best to comfort the baby.

It is always better to have all the baby things handy after the baby comes home because the new mom cannot run to the store to buy a certain thing which she has overlooked and now it is necessary for the baby. So the best new mom advise is stock up everything in advance. Take help of the doctor or elders in the family to help make up a list of things one needs for the baby.

Store a good amount of diapers, bibs and clothes with you. As initially the baby spits up a lot so there is constant need to change the clothes. The diapers get soiled 8-9 times a day in the initial weeks of the baby, so having a good stock of diapers and clothes like socks, shirts, pants, blankets etc is important. Have a good amount of baby wipes handy as the baby may soil the diapers many times in a day and to avoid a rash by constant cleaning, it is always best to use a baby wipe. A diaper rash cream should also be kept ready.

If the new mom is planning to go out, the best new mom advise will be to keep all the things handy in a diaper bag, such as diapers, baby wipes, change of clothes, a toy such as a rattle, a bottle and a blanket. It is always advisable to carry enough money too in case of emergencies such as ‘all the diapers are used up and none are left’ or ‘the new mom has forgotten the bottle’ etc.

If the new mom is breastfeeding then there is no need of a bottle, but if she is not then the best new mom advise is to invest in a good quality small and large bottles. Along with the bottles, the new mom has to stock up on bottle brush, sterilizer, bottle warmer etc.

In addition to this, baby proofing the house and taking extra care with the blankets and quilts used in the baby’s crib as the baby may roll over it and fall down or may suffocate in them is of utmost importance. Above all the best new mom advise is that the new mom should educate herself and stock-up her knowledge on taking care of the baby so that the new motherhood would become a bit easier for her.