Apply Makeup For Professional Women

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Apply Makeup For Professional Women

In today’s fast paced life, women hardly get the time to apply make up and look their best. With a packed schedule where she has to prepare breakfast, send kids to school complete the house hold chores, it is no winder that she doesn’t manage to squeeze in the time to apply make up, but at the same time, it is important for women to look professional and make up makes a big difference.

I believe that the following beauty tips will help you to get a stunning look without compromising on your house hold duties.

For starters, you have to have the possessions of some of the most vital make up items. It is inevitable that you purchase a good moisturizer for the skin, get hold of a foundation that is easy to apply and a blush. In make up it is very important to high light the eyes, for this you should buy an eye shadow and mascara.

Now for the application, don’t forge to use the moisturizer as your skin needs the extra moisture. If you can, it is best to skip the foundation, as it takes the longest to apply, if you must, then the easiest way is to dot your face with the foundation and use a sponge or a wet cloth to rub it on your face till it blends.

Remember to rub the foundation in upward strokes; rubbing it in downward strokes will only increase your chances of getting a wrinkled skin.

Next is the eyes, remember to stick to just one color eye shadow, you are getting a professional look and not preparing for a shoot. A one color eye shadow makes you look classy without being dressy.

Apply the eye shadow in the eye lids only; use it as an eye liner and run the brush on your lower eye lashes.

Use the mascara as it makes your eye lashes look long and dark and opens up your eyes. Check if you have dark circles, if you do suffer from dark circles, use a concealer. If you do not have dark circles then skip this step.

This is all you need to do for the eyes and voila! You will the proud owner of a pair of great mesmerizing eyes!

For the face, keep it simple, just apply blush with the help of a brush. Apply the blush on your cheek bones and brush it toward your ears. It helps to high light your cheek bones and gives it an elongated effect. Now all you need to do is to put some lipstick and you are ready to go out and shine!

Even if you are in a hurry, this make up application will hardly take you 5 minutes. For all the working women, who have been finding it impossible to apply make, this simple regime will surely be of a great help.