Are Good Running Shoes Expensive?

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When you start a new workout or exercise regimen, buying some new gear helps you get motivated and to kick start the program. Of course, many leading brands are now actively involved in rolling out sports merchandise in the latest styles and designs. Companies manufacturing running shoes are no exception.

In fact, with even technology playing an active role in designing various shoe models, one can find an amazing variety of running shoes, designed to fit every runners’ requirement. A beginner may therefore be excused for believing that the pricier the shoe, the more comfortable and durable it will be.

In fact, if you speak to experienced runners and joggers, they will tell you a completely different story.  They will certainly recommend that one should not go in for a cheap pair of runners to avoid any long term injury but will also assert that it is not true that only the price tag and name tag can ensure the quality of a shoe. Let us try to separate the myths from the facts, especially for the benefit of our beginner runners.

  1. One of the major price influencing factors in the design of a shoe is the material used. The fancier and more expensive the material used, the more the shoe will cost at the end. If the shoes use leathers or some such material, it is natural that the shoes will be pricier. At times, certain brands use specialty materials like designer crystals in shoes, leading to high shoe prices.
  2. Many leading footwear brands spend a lot of money in research and development as also on marketing campaigns to understand what kind of shoes will generate interest and demand in the public. All this goes into the cost of shoes actually manufactured. Similarly, if shoes are manufactured with specialty materials that are limited in nature or that involve special techniques like handcrafting, the costs involved in manufacturing them is much more than the normal cost of manufacturing shoes and is reflected in the price.
  3. The brand value of the company also plays a very important role in fixing the price of the shoes. The more the brand value, the pricier the shoes.
  4. Most companies now employ designers, whose sole job is to design running shoes with different styles and looks. The more renown the designer and the more popular his creations, the more expensive the actual pair of shoes.

As you can see the price of a good pair of running shoes has got very little to do with how functional it is or how durable it is. A mere brand name or a hefty price tag does not naturally assure one of these.

When you want to purchase a pair of running shoes, you should certainly take a look at some names that have reputations for providing good quality products but you should also try out a few pairs of running shoes to ensure that they provide maximum comfort and enhance your performance.