Assess Your Wireless Networking Need

Amidst all the hype of wireless networks, we tend to overlook one crucial question; do we really need wireless networks? In order to determine whether your laptop requires wireless internet access, it is imperative to first comprehend the concept of wireless networks.

Wireless Local Area Networks

Wireless Local Area Networks, simply referred to as “WLAN”, offers the web users a cable free mode of accessing the web. It doesn’t require users to carry along the mesh of wires in order to achieve seamless internet connectivity. WLAN connection includes wireless network card that sets off wireless transmission using industry’s IEEE 802.11 standard.

Though there are many wireless networking solutions, such as Bluetooth, available today, but the IEEE 802.11 standard is preferred over them. Basically, wireless network interface was tailored to offer smooth interfacing among various computers using a LAN, but it is now widely being used for a range of application, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and to access the internet.

A wireless network doesn’t include any complicated mess of wires to enable data sharing and web access. The wireless network employs one or more Wireless Routers or Wireless Access Points so as to transmit the radio frequency signals. An access point incorporates an antenna as well as an Ethernet port, which should be connected to a broadband modem in order to gain web accessibility.

However, a wireless Router can join many Ethernet ports so as to pave way for the combination of a handful of wireless as well as wired networks. Basically, the wireless Router works as a radio frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver, which converts the digital data into radio frequencies and vice-versa. This Router interfaces with various devices – laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, mp3 players, and other Routers – which use the IEEE 802.11 standard wireless adapters.  A wireless networking can access the internet in the areas where IEEE 802.11 standard access point is available.

Need For Wireless Networking

Well, after getting familiarized with the working of wireless networking, let’s get back to the all important question that whether one needs the wireless networking. However, this entirely depends upon the needs of an individual. Though wireless networking is always useful in laptops, there are situations when such access becomes utmost necessary.

As wireless networking offers the flexibility to access the internet outside the home and office environment, it is highly recommended for the professionals who keep on moving. Wireless networking offers enhanced internet access to the web surfers, thereby spruce up one’s experience with the web surfing like never before.

Wireless networking is very beneficial to the places where the number of computers is required to be increased, as a wireless Router has nothing to do with the number of computers there in the network, there can be many computers accessing internet in the wireless area.

However, it must be noted that the wireless connections are not as reliable as conventional Ethernet connections, as the former are very susceptible to interference by various devices, such as Microwave ovens, which could eventually lead to intermittent connectivity problems.