Asthma Home Remedies: Smoking And Weather

Asthma Home Remedies: Smoking And Weather

Those who suffer from asthma can face some frustrating and frightening times. Although best treated by doctors and medical science, there are several home remedies and holistic approaches one can use. There are also adjustments to lifestyle and the home that can greatly improve the asthma sufferer’s symptoms.

One such lifestyle change is smoking. Asthma sufferers should stay away from smoking. If they currently smoke they should quit as soon as possible. Tobacco smoke is one of the worst irritants for asthma symptoms. The smoke also can set of one’s asthma. Besides the asthma symptoms worsening, smoking leaves one’s health open to so many other afflictions. Among these are respiratory infections, Heart disease and cancer.

If you are an asthmatic who lives with a smoker then you not any better off. Second hand smoke is dangerous to those with no health affliction. Someone with asthma is at a much greater risk. If you lie with a smoker who won’t or can’t seem to quit then ask them to take their habit outside.

Weather changes can affect asthma. However, they can affect different asthma sufferers in different ways. To find out how the weather affects you it is best to keep an asthma journal. Find out what weather triggers your asthma and what does not. Choose those times to get your exercise and fresh air. Generally speaking, extreme cold should be avoided by asthma sufferers. The cold air can further constrict airways making breathing difficult. Days with gusting wind should also be avoided. Wind blows pollen and spores about putting the asthma sufferer at greater risk of inhaling them. Finally, rainy days seem to be the best for asthma sufferers. The rain tends to clean the air of debris making it safer. If one can stand to walk in the rain this could be a good opportunity for some outdoor exercise.

By avoiding smoking and second hand smoke, asthma sufferers will avoid making their symptoms worse. By keeping an eye on the weather and knowing which types to avoid, the asthma suffer can further reduce their chances of attack.