Asthma Home Remedies: Treatments Are Close By

Asthma Home Remedies: Treatments Are Close By

Many are under the impression that asthma can only be treated by highly trained medical staff and with highly advanced medicines. While it is true that any treatment and asthma sufferer tries should be done under doctor’s supervision, you may be surprised to know that there are many natural remedies for asthma that exist right in your own home. In this article we will look at some of these remedies and their positive effects for asthma sufferers.

Most of us consume an asthma remedy, on a daily basis, without even knowing it. Coffee contains caffeine which is a remedy for asthma. Studies show that people who consume between 1 and 3 cups of coffee a day have 1 third fewer asthma attacks. The caffeine in coffee can help to dilate the bronchial tubes. This is what gives coffee its benefit. One should check with their doctor before using coffee as a remedy and coffee should not be given to children with asthma.

Have you ever been asked to hold the onions? Well if you are an asthma sufferer you should ignore this advice. Onions contain anti-inflammatory agents that can help reduce asthma attacks. If you cannot stand to eat raw onions, try cooking them in foods. The effect may be slightly reduced but they can still help.

Ever heard the saying, “Some like it hot”? Well those that do may be reducing their risk of asthma attacks. Hot food such as chili peppers can help asthma. They stimulate the liquid in the mouth and lungs. This water or liquid can help to thin out the mucous that forms during an attack. Sometimes the mucous can be coughed up with the help of a little pepper. Capsicum itself also has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Finally, if you have cheese cloth in your home, you have a natural filter. By putting this over heating and cooling vents you can trap and filter out dust particles, animal dander and other debris before it is circulated back into the air. Keeping dust levels low is one of the best asthma prevention methods but it is impossible to eliminate it entirely. A cheese cloth can help to catch those bits that are left behind and keep them from being ingested.

By looking in your kitchen, you may find that you have several asthma remedies at your fingertips.  Check with your doctor however, you may be surprised at how receptive he or she is. These asthma home remedies can help reduce you attacks and are easier on your body.