Baby Boomer Singles And Dating After Divorce

Baby Boomer Singles And Dating After Divorce

Does your date of birth lie in the period 1946-1964? The term Baby Boomers is used for referring to those singles that were born during this period. There are about 35 million of them. 

Numerous conferences have been conducted for dealing with the concern related with the aging of America. The cultural changes which are affecting our demographics and statistics require us to properly analyze all the social agencies as well as public policies with different considerations and perspectives for finding a solution to this aging population problem.

The major challenge and opportunity facing today’s people is that they are expected to live much longer. Within a couple of decades, scientific discoveries and advanced medical technology will cause an unprecedented increase in the expected length of life.

Reaching the age of 100, or even 120 will become relatively normal. It has been estimated that about 1 million of these Boomers are expected to reach the age of probably, 100.

Few survival tips for these boomers for helping them in living longer are:
•    Careful Selection Of Your Mate:
As you are expected to live longer, obviously you will be spending a lot of years with your spouse. Hence, it has become extremely important to get committed with only those people whom you truly love.

•    Save Money!
Statistics suggest that Boomers are not really good money savers. More savings, planning and investments will be required on your part for having a healthy economic future. This also includes finding new career options.

•    Consider Your Attitude:
We have always been a society which worships youth. Though some cultures do respect their older citizens, a huge number of elderly Americans can be found languishing in various nursing homes. They have been completely forgotten.

Think about what is your way of viewing old people. Search for admirable characteristics and qualities in them. This will help in developing a respectful attitude towards the elderly folks. 

•    Boomer Women Should Take Care Of Their Finances:
Boomer women may possibly have fewer earnings than men because of the time which they dedicated to their aging parents or children. Hence, their future economic security may be jeopardized. Hence, these women should try to reduce their spending for saving more.

•    Become Tech-Savvy:
Boomers will have better resources for staying connected as well as informed as compared to the past retirees on account of the technology available today which provide a lot of choices. 

So, are the Boomer singles ready for facing these challenges?