Beat a Speeding Ticket by Shadowing a Speeder

Beat a Speeding Ticket by Shadowing a Speeder

As you’re racing down the expressway you’ll probably notice that many other people are doing exactly the same thing. They are traveling as fast if not faster than you are. The only problem is that if a law enforcement official is ahead with a radar or laser gun you might be the one who is recorded because you’re traveling just a bit faster than those around you.

There’s something you can do to make certain that if there’s a ticket to be given that you won’t be the person receiving it. It’s frustrating and infuriating to be the one nailed by the police officer for speeding when others are driving along at almost the same speed. Often on an expressway or highway people exceed the speed limit and some more than others. It’s not uncommon to see numerous vehicles moving along at a rate much faster than is legal on that road.

There’s a method you can use to make sure that you’re not the one pinpointed by the policeman or policewoman’s radar. Drive up beside or behind someone else who is speeding and note their speed, then pull back just a touch so that your speedometer reading is just slightly less than theirs.

Stay a bit behind them and if you happen to notice them braking sharply it will give you enough time to slow down before the police officer records your speed. This way the car ahead that was moving along much more briskly than you were will have to pay the price of speeding, you’ll be free to continue along the road past the police at the correct speed.

Another similar idea is to drive behind or next to someone who is going about the same speed as you are. The notion is that you’ll drive just a bit slower than he or she is driving. If there is a speed trap ahead they will be nabbed because their speed is the fastest. This technique works well if there is only one radar gun tracking the speeds of motorists. If there is more than one police officer ahead though you might be just as guilty as the person you were shadowing.

These are both techniques that give you the opportunity to speed at someone else’s expense. Quite often though it seems that as we do speed down the road, there are people who are traveling even faster than we are. Getting behind them or pulling up beside them and using them as a barrier between you and a ticket can work.

Police officers want to catch those who are breaking the speeding laws. Their equipment is designed to do that and using that to your advantage can certainly save you the cost of the ticket. Sticking close to another speeder can be a way to avoid the price of going over the speed limit.

Remember though that if the police officer is in a car watching the traffic, he might decide that you’re the speeder that he wants to catch in his net. Keeping your eyes peeled and watching the road is the most important step in avoiding a speeding ticket.