Bone Health Vitamins

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Bone Health Vitamins
Japanese women seem to be the luckiest women in the world. Their skin never wrinkles, they never get fat and they have the lowest incidence of Osteoporosis and bone fractures in the world. The first 2 are somewhat of a mystery but the reason for reduced bone fractures and osteoporosis is known. Japanese women eat a substance called natto which is highly rich in Vitamin K2. Natto is a fermented soy bean product that is widely eaten in Japan. It is rich in this form of K vitamin which prevents bone loss and reduces fracture risks.

Vitamin K2 is produced naturally in our bodies. However, as we get older our bodies start to make less and less of it. By eating leafy green vegetables it is possible to get some of vitamin K2. Leafy green vegetables contain Vitamin K1 some of which is converted to K2 after eating. However, a better way to get vitamin K2 is to learn to love natto. You can inquire at many Japanese restaurants where to purchase it. If Japanese cuisine isn’t for you then you may want to take K2 as a supplement.

Strontium has also been shown to have an impact on women who suffer from osteoporosis. With as little as 2 grams of strontium a day, these women saw a significant increase in bone density in just 3 years. Strontium is known to stop the breakdown of bone and stimulate the growth of new bone tissue.

There are also several herbs that help prevent loss of bone and promote new bone growth. Horsetail helps to stimulate the growth of connective tissue. The calming effects of oat straw and nettles are also beneficial to bone growth. When the body is calm it does not create the stress hormones that can actually deplete your bone tissue. Herbs are a nice, natural option. They can be taken with great frequency and in neatly any combination.

Even in middle age there is still lots that can be done to improve one’s bone health. There are several vitamins and minerals that will help stop your bone tissue from depleting and actually make your bones stronger. With a good diet and exercise regime much improvement can be realized despite a person’s age.