Breast Implants Care

Breast Implants Care

Breast implants care is very essential for good health post surgery. Breast implants is the latest trend among the new age women and girls, as they want to look well sculpted and confident. Though the reasons for women and girls opting for breast implant are varied, women are getting increasing conscious about their figure and appearance. Post surgery, proper care is required so that you get the best of results.

Breast implant also known as breast augmentation is a special surgical procedure that deals with the enlargement of breast size. The surgery depends on the type of reason patient is opting for this surgery. People opt for such surgery to correct genetic distortions, cosmetic reasons or simply reconstruct the breast due to injuries or other reasons. Silicone implant and saline implant are the two main types of breast implants. All implants are made from a silicone shell with silicone or saline filling. Moreover, three major types of silicone implants are single lumen fixed volume implant, double lumen inflatable implant and double lumen inflatable implant. As all silicone gel implants have natural shape, they give natural appearance to the breasts after surgery. Main types of saline-filled implants are single lumen implant with a valve, pre-filled saline implants and single lumen adjustable implant.

Breast implants care is necessary because there may be development of few complications after this surgery. Some women with breast implant can experience changes to the nipple, reduced breast sensation, tightening around the scar or alteration in the size of breast during pregnancy. In addition, proper care is required to avoid the possible saline rupture due to stroke or heavy pressure on breasts. There is a possibility of developing an infection and hematoma leading to pain, swelling and bruising due to surgery. Therefore, doctors advise complete hygienic and clean habits. Proper medication should be followed post surgery as it is helpful in reducing certain side effects, infection and other diseases.

There may be change in sensation or complete loss of sensation following the surgery. This is common in nipple or breast tissue that you should take of while taking breast implant care. It may be temporary or permanent. In some cases, the implants can move from the position in the right, left, upward or downward direction. Therefore, you must take proper breast implant care and check whether any above mentioned symptoms or problems are affecting you. Constant medical check up post surgery is very important. Some times due to abnormal changes, their may be possibility of several complications. That is why you must always be in touch with your surgeon.  

Many women do not pay attention towards post surgery medication and exercises recommended by surgeons. It can prove to be fatal. Breast implant care includes massage and soft exercising of breast. Then follow healthy nutrient enriched dietary supplement to improve your body’s metabolic processes. Many young women neglect such important post surgery breast implants care and often land in trouble. Then apart from this, other breast implant care include regular self assessment of breasts, maintaining hygiene, wearing clean and comfortable cloths, avoid smoking, alcohol, unhealthy practices and constant medical check up.