Catching The King Salmon

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Do you like fishing so much that you cannot live without fishing for too long? While you may be a fishing enthusiast always eager to go on fishing, you may be feeling bored by the usual 7-8 pound catch you always seem to get too easily. Even though you can always go back to your favorite spot, how about catching a fish as big as a 50 pound king salmon? Believe it or not, king salmon can be quite a big fish and you will definitely love to get your hands on one if you can. While you are all pumped up to get your piece of salmon fishing, the obvious question that remains to be answered is where will you be able to find a king salmon you are so eagerly waiting to get your hands on.

Well, if salmon fishing is what you are looking for, there are a lot of places you can have a go at. Since a recent few years, Alaska has grown out to be one of the most famous salmon fishing destinations of the world. A major credit to the sudden popularity of Alaska for salmon fishing can be accredited to the fact that a salmon as big as 96 pounds was caught there in 1986. Since then, Alaska is frequented by a lot of salmon fishing lovers to get their dream catch. While Alaska is believed to be the holy grail of salmon fishing, you can also try other destinations like Canada, Oregon, California, Washington, New York, and British Columbia, to fish for salmon.

Being one of the largest catch ever, the 96 pound king salmon mentioned earlier was caught in the Kenai River, Alaska. Not only that, 9 out of top 10 biggest salmon record holders have been known to find their prized possession in the Kenai River only. Whatever you call it, a king salmon, spring salmon, or Chinook salmon, if you are looking for a picture that would awe people a lifetime, Alaska is the place you should head to.

One of the biggest of their kind, salmon fishes are considered very challenging due to their size. A Pacific salmon, king salmon found in Alaska spends 2-5 years in the ocean and thus its size differs greatly. While the average salmon is found to be about 20 pounds, a king salmon would easily weight around 40-50 pounds. Named the official fish of Alaska, king salmon attracts immense attention from salmon fishing enthusiasts across Alaska.

From early may to august, Alaska is flocked by fishermen and anglers who fish eagerly for a trophy salmon. As for beginners, king salmon fishing could prove to be a bit tough and proper fishing techniques need to be learnt before going for king salmon fishing. Being a strong fish, king salmon could leave you battling for over half an hour before you can get it on your boat. Take care to have strong and flexible equipments that are ideal for a salmon fishing experience. Considered to be chance of a lifetime, king salmon fishing would leave you asking for more.