Charity Event Planning

Charity Event Planning

Making the Most of Publicity

There are so many good charitable causes in need of support. It can be difficult for someone who has extra resources to decide which organization to donate to. They want to give their money to the place where it can be used to its potential and if the charity has planned properly, they may stand out in the minds of future contributors.

Planning a charity event is akin to taking on a huge responsibility. Charities thrive on the generosity of their contributors and often in order to gain donations, they will pair up with organizations to host benefits. These benefits are designed to usually entertain the guests as well as persuade them to contribute to the cause. If planned properly, these events can deliver both.

For someone in control of this type of event planning they have a heavy burden to carry. They need to consider many different things, including what type of event will draw in guests who are in a position to contribute and once there they need to create a desire in those guests to gift the organization. After all in a charity event situation success can ultimately be measured in donations.

There are event planning companies that specialize in handling functions that are hosted by charities and are designed to gather donations. It’s a delicate balance between entertaining the guests and supporting the charities cause.

Some ideas that charities have employed in the past are:

  • A silent auction. This involves displaying donated goods or services and allowing the guests to bid on these items by writing down amounts they wish to donate on a piece of paper. This is a way of garnering donations in which the being contributing can do so in a way that is rewarding because in addition to helping the cause they are receiving an item. It also works well in that the guests may challenge one another by raising the bids, which provides stimulus for higher donations.

  • A special guest. This idea involves charging a per ticket fee for the guests to be in the audience while a special guest in entertaining them. This could be someone popular in music, or an actor, even a public figure can give a speech.

It’s vital that the person handling the event planning for the charity have a good sense of the message that the organization wants to convey. With this foundation they can plan an event that fits the criteria that the charity envisions. With the event planning in place promotional activities can begin which may involve sending out invitations or placing advertisements detailing the upcoming event. Attendance is essential to the success of this type of event and by taking time to plan and execute a promotional approach this aspect of the event planning will get the attention it deserves. Everyone who is involved hopes for the same goal and that is many donations to further the cause they are in support of.