Choosing The Right Time To Visit Amsterdam

Choosing The Right Time To Visit Amsterdam

Planning to go to Amsterdam for vacation and want to make the best out of it? Then make the right choice of visiting this happening tourist destination in the right season for you. Some people travel to Amsterdam for the spring tulips, some for the great museums and others still for the great shopping. It is important to plan the season of yourtravel based on what you want from the vacation. Read on to learn things to consider when planning your visit to Amsterdam.

The Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

Though visiting Amsterdam is a pleasure anytime of the year, for those who really want to explore the most things that Amsterdam has to offer, should plan their visit between April and September. This is the duration when the days are longer and temperatures are tolerable in Amsterdam. However, when visiting Amsterdam in this period, be prepared to have a change in the weather anytime, as the weather here is always unpredictable.

The Cost Effective Time to Visit Amsterdam

For shoppers, the best time to visit Amsterdam is between late October and early March excluding the holiday season in December. This is the time of the year, when tourists can fetch really good discounts. If shopping for all your favorite things in Amsterdam is your plan, fall and winter is the best season for your travel.

Visiting Amsterdam in Spring Season

If you are planing your visit in the Spring season, from March to May, you can explore the following places and celebrations.

  • Enjoy a stroll in the beautiful Keykenhof Gardens blooming in March.
  • Enjoy a bike ride amidst the blooming bulb fields in April.
  • Enjoy celebrating the biggest holiday Queen’s Day in April.
  • May is the month when huge crowd begins to flock in Amsterdam.

Visiting Amsterdam in Summer Season

During Summer season, you can check out the following attractions while touring Amsterdam.

  • Celebrate the top two summer festivals, namely Amsterdam Roots Festival and Open Garden Days in June.
  • Relish the delicious alfresco cuisine and shop in the semi-annual sales during July, the warmest month of Amsterdam.
  • Enjoy watching the world famous gay pride parade on canals in the Grachtenfestival of August.

Visiting Amsterdam in Fall Season

Make the most of the Fall season by indulging in the following during your Amsterdam Tour.

  • Explore all your favorite spots in Amsterdam during the less crowded month of September.
  • Watch out for the Amsterdam Marathon and be a part of the Amsterdam Dance Event in October.
  • Get the feel of the nightlife of Amsterdam by checking its Museum Night in November.

Visiting Amsterdam in Winter Season

Visiting Amsterdam in Winter season is a true bliss for the following reasons.

  • Celebrate festivals like Christmas and grab seasonal trips in December.
  • Pick up the lowest travel fares and huge discounts in shopping stores during the month of January during the Amsterdam’s semi-annual sale.
  • Watch out for Amsterdam in its true romantic feel during the month of February.