Chronic Fatigue: Developing An Exercise Program

Chronic Fatigue: Developing An Exercise Program

Those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome do need to implement an exercise regime into their lives. Failing to exercise can lead to weakness and loss of muscle tissue. This can further aggravate symptoms. Excersise does however, have to be planned carefully because over doing it can have the opposite effect.

Patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue syndrome should start out with small increments of activity. A few minutes a day may be a realistic goal for some sufferers to begin with. Severely affected patients should concentrate on basic living activities. Things such as getting up, Getting dresses, personal hygiene activities, and those that are essential for living. Once these have been practiced and accomplished with some regular consistency then changes and increases can be considered.

Quite often patients can move onto several small session of very low impact activity. Exercises involving stretching and toning using only the body as resistance are recommended. This can help prevent tightening of the muscles and loss of muscle tissue. These activities can help reduce the effects of CFS symptoms and in some cases help to improve the condition.

When implementing a new exercise program, patients should begin with a 1; 3 ratio. They should exercise for one minute then rest for three. This should be repeated frequently throughout the day. This again can be gradually increased as greater tolerance is developed. However, the focus of exercise is for symptom relief, not to push the body to its physical limits.

During an exercise program, a chronic fatigue sufferer can experience a worsening of symptoms or a partial relapse. This could be brought on by too much activity. It is important not to quit the exercise completly. The patient should simply tone down the activity to the previous level and see if the symptoms subside. If they do then continue at this level with no increase for a substantial period of time. If the symptoms continually worsen then tone down the exercise even further until a balance in reached.

Patients with Chronic Fatigue syndrome should implement an exercise program into their therapy. This is important to help alleviate the symptoms and keep muscle tissue healthy. Exercise should be frequent and short with several rest periods built in. when consistent progress has occurred then increasing activity is possible. Exercise can help the patient improve their Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Condition. When carefully planned and implemented, it can help gain control and improve quality of life.