Chronic Fatigue: Possible Treatments

Chronic Fatigue: Possible Treatments

Those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome can possibly face some tough symptoms. Continual tiredness, muscle pain and even memory loss are some of the possible effects. Every person with CFS is affected in a different way. Some are able to carry out relatively normal lives while others are seriously debilitated. Some are even completely housebound until the symptoms pass. Treatments also vary from person to person. It is possible that several combinations of therapies will need to be tried before any improvement is seen. In this article we will look at some of the possible treatment options for those with CFS, and explain what they can do.

Chronic Fatigue syndrome does need medical attention however; many times the symptoms need to be dealt with mentally as well. One such treatment in professional counseling. CFS sufferers often have added stress in their lives because of their guilt, anger and frustration. These mental symptoms can often times aggravate the physical ones. Professional counseling will help victims of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome deal with their mental issues and possibly even improve their physical symptoms.

Another possible treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With this option, patients learn behaviors to help deal with their symptoms. They learn to manage their stress and activity levels with the goal of better quality of life. Cognitive Behavioral therapy can help the patient gain some control over the condition further increasing their confidence.

Alternative therapies have also been successful in some Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers. Techniques such as deep breathing, Yoga, stretching and Tai Chi have been known to help reduce stress and anxiety levels in some patients. Before embarking on any of these therapies, a doctor should definitely be consulted.

Finally, there are several support groups for CFS sufferers. Support groups give those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a chance to meet with those facing similar challenges. When meeting with others sufferers stop feeling as isolated and can also receive good advice on treatments and therapies.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome affects all its victims in a different way. Treatment plans are high varied and individualized. A variety of treatments, both physical and mental may be required before any improvement is seen. However, by keeping an open mind and following carers’ instructions, those with CFS will give themselves the best chance possible for a better life.