Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy

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Unlike with physical ailments, which can be treated with a very specific form of treatment and with particular medications, solutions to mental health problems are not always that clear cut. Mental health experts believe that a combination of medication and proper therapy is the best way of treating most disorders. And one of the most popular forms of therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT as it is called.
CBT has been proven to be very effective in addressing a wide range of emotional disorders that include but are not limited to –

  • Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders

Patients undergoing CBT have been shown to respond more quickly to the therapy and the impact lasts for longer than with any other form of treatment. In fact, CBT has also been known to be helpful in addressing more general problems such as difficulty in sleeping, general dissatisfaction with life, relationship problems and so non.

So what exactly does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy do? It teaches you to understand and analyze your own problems. It then introduces various practical tools and psychological skills that will empower you to choose healthier ways of dealing with these problems. Your present mental state of mind may not be allowing you to deal with the problems in a healthy way – CBT will help you do so and will allow you to slowly make progress in life. This is one of the reasons why CBT is often called as a ‘practical’ therapy as it trains you in a practical skill that will help you deal with your mental disorder and hopefully resolve it.

Of course, this sounds a lot easier than what it takes to actually implement the skills taught in cognitive behavioral therapy. When people are experiencing emotional problems they are so caught up in it that they have no idea of what they are doing or where they are heading. All their energy is spent in just dealing with the problem on hand. Cognitive behavioral therapy allows you to calm yourself just that little bit to make you understand that you can step back and look at the various options that are out there.  This will help you feel that you are back in control of our life and will help you make better decisions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy thus teaches you many skills but most importantly it teaches you to understand your problem and think of ways in which you can deal with them, thereby making you feel that you are once again in control of your life and your destiny. You are helped to become your own therapist and by taking positive steps, you will be helped to decide the course of your life.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from any kind of mental health problem and cognitive behavioral therapy is not part of their treatment plan, speak to them or their caregivers about the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy.