Content and RSS

Content and RSS
(1)What is Content?
In today’s world, everyone knows the use of Internet. What fuels the internal functioning of Internet? Of course, the answer is information. If someone wants to get the information about anything, the simplest solution would be to search it on the internet. If a site is having the information that people need, they will be finding it out. And where is this information? It is in the contents of that web site.

Search Engine:
Search Engines make your contents valuable. It keeps track on the contents that change regularly. Even a small change in the content is enough to inform the search engine web that crawls through those pages to get the change. So whenever a new query is made, the relevant pages are searched. Hence, in the search engine the regularly updated website is placed superior, so that it results in higher traffic of visitors.

Creating new contents:
Creating new content is a tedious and time-consuming process. And, what if you have to update the contents regularly? So, there is every chance that your online activities would be equivalent to a full time job and perhaps more challenging as well. Would you wonder if there is a shortcut for this process that can make the content creation easier? The answer for this is no. If you want to achieve big success with your web pages, you have to provide unique and excellent contents to your web site.
2)What is RSS?
RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. It is useful when it comes to modifiable contents. RSS essentially is a syndication technique. It allows showing the contents on the web pages, which come from other resources on the internet. It cannot be from the blogs only, but you can subscribe to RSS feeds from article dictionaries, news sites etc. You can sync your RSS aggregator to get the feeds that have the contents related to your chosen keywords.

Here are some of the things that you have to keep in your mind, whenever you want to include RSS in the content pages.

•    Make sure that RSS feeds will only enhance the original content in the website, which will avoid the duplication of the contents.

•    RSS aggregators should convert the RSS feeds into the HTML files and not in the java scripts, because spiders of search engine would not be able to read these java scripts.

You have to subscribe to related RSS feeds. You need to maintain focus of your pages to attract the related ads that you want.

There is a huge growth in RSS Technology. Experts say that by the year 2010 RSS would have replaced email as the standard for message transference on internet.

Some marketers use RSS 2.0 technology to flow their video casts and pod casts to millions of people, concurrently to make a huge growth in their business.