Converting Your Car For Formula D Racing

From a simple video game to a full fledged racing event, formula D racing has come a long way. It all started back in the year 2004, formula D racing was sponsored by ‘EA sports’ – makers of the famous ‘Need for speed’ video game franchise. Since then whole of the United States has got bitten by the drifting bug. Everyone wanted to be a drifter and it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that if you are reading this article, you too are a drifting enthusiast who wants to take the next step inside the drifting track rather than watching it from the outside. Read the following article to know what it takes to go drifting!

For starters, what do you need for drifting? The answer is simple – A car! That said, there are many other things that you would require before you can take yourself to the drifting track. While there are many cars with good quality equipment, almost none of it is capable to make you a formula D racing drifter. From a simple height adjustment to the tires and even body parts in some cars; everything is on the table for being either changed or tuned. While you may consider yourself to be lucky if your car has enough horsepower in it, there is also an availability of extensive engine tune-ups if necessary.

Now that you have some knowledge of the replacements and adjustments your car will need, let’s get started with the next step. You will need to maintain a list of parts that you want to replace. If this is your first formula D racing machine (and it probably is), you need not look at the neon bulbs and the designer hoods right now. Although the visual aspect of a formula D racing car is as important, it is better to keep that reserved for your next drifting car as you are less likely to bang it on that side barricade.

Because stability and control is directly connected with the suspension, it is the first and foremost thing you need to take a look at. Given below is a list of things you’ll need for your car to get ready for formula D racing:

  • SFI 16.1 certified 5/6 point racing harnesses – For ensuring that you are safe and secure even in case of accidents and skids.
  • Polyurethane bushings – For imparting more lateral compliance to the car and thereby giving a tougher grip on the road.
  • Adjustable coil overs – These coil overs extend a feel of style and also impart aerodynamic assistance to your car while drifting.
  • Bigger sway bars – For better suspension and handling.
  • Limited slip differential (LSD) – Assists in maintaining a grip on the racing track.
  • Strut bars – Provides extra strength between strut towers thus providing greater flexibility and control over the turns.

Apart from this, formula D racing tires are also important as they take all the beating; because they have to cope with lots of friction and heat while drifting, you would never want your tire to blow up in flames in between a race. While these are some of the common parts you will need to replace in your car, in order to make it drift worthy, you can also visit a garage or consult your local formula D racing club for help on the subject.