Custom Sauna Kits

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Custom Sauna Kits

Custom sauna kits are becoming increasingly renowned with every passing day as they can accommodate two people, they fit into any part of even small houses- the attic, the poolside or even the basement. The pool side is, usually, the site most loved and favored for the installation of the sauna kit.

One of the things that best attracts home sauna kits is the fact that the user choose from a range of products, can coordinate and combine, and can also assemble the constituents from all those mentioned below as he or she so desires. The home sauna kit comprises of components required for putting up a sauna cabin, the water supply system with several hose pipes as according to the jet flow, stoves or an alternative heat producing system, benches, insulated doors and all other things that you need to create  the sauna of your fancy.

You can distinguish the sauna room, the shower room and the dressing room from each other with the help of boards that are obtained in the sauna kit. Carved out of cedar wood and fitted with tongue and grove joints, these boards can be easily fixed into the panels. Thus they form an insulated area and you can take pleasure in having a sauna bath at home. The kit comprises of different objects like ceiling bards, door jamb, cache, hinges, shower kits, benches , steam or other heating systems and many more such lavish appendages. It is sensible to take help of the installation guideline booklet when you are setting up the wiring for your sauna. These wires and other installation materials are also given in the kit. Any personalized size of sauna, the size varying from 3’x 3′ to 12’x 12′ or a larger sauna can be put up at your place.

Using the home sauna kit to put up your sauna:
There is no need to fret over the erection of the sauna from your kit. It does not need much prowess or knowledge. More over, the kits are extremely easy to use and comprehensible, the guidance booklet also offers much assistance.

If you are installing a sauna at your new home, then your architect can suggest the best location to put up sauna. Your architect can decide the area and make sure that the flooring in that area is waterproof such that once your home is ready; you can immediately set up your sauna from the kit. If your house is already present and ongoing and you wish to install a sauna in there, then you can locate it anywhere as long as you make sure that the floor tiles are waterproof. After ensuring so, u can install and use your sauna.

The saunas that are available here are generally fixed, not lightweight or meant to be carried. However some customers have turned them into portable ones by fixing them in trailers or vans. If you wish to construct your sauna according to your desires, wants and wishes, then we shall surely regard your ideas and innovations and our group will put in their best endeavor to make your dreams come alive!