Do Teeth Whitening At Home

Do Teeth Whitening At Home

We all want to have a set of sparkling white teeth. However as we grow up our teeth starts getting a yellow shade or tend to get discolored. Yellowness or surface strains and discoloration is a normal result of having food or beverages that have a heavy colored base.

Thankfully, Teeth whitening can be done to undo most of the surface strains and that too without any serious side effects. There are various ways by witch you could whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening can be done at the office of a dentist or at your home. For whitening teeth at home, whitening gel is filled in a tray made by a dentist from an impression of your teeth.

Comprehensive cleaning done by a dentist, hygienist or a cosmetic surgeon can take care of most of the external surface strains which are caused by heavily colored food or beverage items like tea, coffee or tobacco. A dentist will recommend a whitening treatment for our teeth based upon:

* Teeth Structure
* The extent and type of staining

More generally, if strains have been present for years, it is advisable to get your teeth whitened by a professional.

Other teeth whitening practices include the use of teeth whitening toothpaste which is absolutely safe, effective and a very popular option. Teeth whitening toothpaste contains mild quantities of teeth whitening agents within permissible limits that, with regular use, would help prevent most of the surface strains and tooth discoloration.

Many teeth whitening toothpastes, bleaching gels, and other whitening methods are available in the market contain 10-15% carbamide peroxide. Most of them are from good reputed multinational companies who have put in millions in their research to make teeth whitening products as safe as possible, Still, if you are having increased teeth sensitivity (mild sensitivity when eating hot or cold products is usual), irritation or an uncomfortable feeling after use of a teeth whitening product please discontinue its use and consult a dentist as soon as possible.

Home tooth whitening bleaching gels available today, in the market are safe and result in less sensitive tooth then their earlier counterparts. Sensitivity can occur with the use of hot or cold products but it should fade away within 48 hours. If occurrence of sensitivity happens while using tooth whitening bleaching gels you can help improve the condition by:
* Wear the tray for a shorter period if you are using a tray applicator.
* Use toothpaste which is advised for sensitive teeth and has potassium nitrate and fluoride as an ingredient.
* Halt the teeth whitening process for some days and let your teeth get accustomed to the whitening process.
* Refrain from using bleach based whitening gels if you suffer from dental diseases like gum diseases, worn enamel on teeth or if you have had dental work like tooth crowns or caps on your front teeth which cannot be bleached.
* Immediately cease the use of teeth whitening bleaching gels if you are going through pregnancy or are breast feeding.