Education vs. Vocational Training

Many of us may believe that education and vocational training are quite different from each other. While the former works on principals, the latter works on applications. To come to a final conclusion on which one is better – education or vocational training, it is important to know what both of these have to offer and how are they similar and different from each other. So, come let’s explore all this by reading further.

What Education offers?

Whether you agree or not, education is said to be a must for all human beings to live a Secure, happy and knowledgeable life. So, here are some things that education offers to all those who are keen in getting educated:
* Education helps to make a person aware of his rights and duties and as a result he can save himself from getting fooled by others.
* Education plays a vital role in making a person confident to face the world with his knowledge.

What Vocational Training offers?

After knowing what all education offers you, its time to know what does vocational training offers you. Views regarding vocational training may vary for different people but these are the things that many agree upon:
* Vocational training motivates a person by specializing him with a specific set of skills.
* Even a less educated person or poor academic person can learn to earn through vocational training.

Differences between Education and Training

Though education and vocational training are almost same, yet there is a certain difference between the two. Now quickly have a look at the differences that highlights the distinct features of these two educational ways.
* In education the stress is more and often only on theory and not on practical applications. Take for instance; one who is interested in learning astronomy will be made to learn about it theoretically.
* In vocational training, the stress is more on practical applications and skill preparation without too much stress on its theoretical teachings. Take for instance, without even doing difficult mathematical calculations, one can learn to use a saw and jack plane.

Similarities between Education and Training

Since, you now know the differences between education and vocational training; it’s time to peep in the similarities between the two. Like the differences, there are not so many similarities between the two concepts of imparting knowledge.
* Education sharpens the mind with theory and some times by combining practical knowledge, while Vocational training sharpens the skills with practical and some times by combining theory. In short, both aims to sharpen and enhance the over all persona of a human being.
* Education is aimed to make a person capable of earning money with his theories and knowledge, while vocational training aims to make a person saleable with respect to his skills. In short, both aim to equip a person to earn a livelihood for himself.

The debate on which one is better between education and vocational training has been going and will go on. Different people may find either of the two better depending upon their needs and relevance it provides to them.