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Facts About Magic TricksĀ 

If you know the facts about magic tricks then you will find it easy to perform them. Magicians practice magic tricks several times in front of a mirror to make sure that the magic tricks appear a mystery for the audience. Practice is very important to perform magic tricks.Thus, without practice, you simply wont get the confidence of performing it in front of the audience. Knowledge about facts about magic tricks will tell you that the magic tricks are not magic but a skill that creates an illusion among the audience. But the fact is that very few people know how magicians successfully create this illusion and keep the audience baffled. You can take the help of videos that offer many magic tricks. These videos can be easily downloaded from some websites.

One of the most important facts about magic tricks is that you must know at least one magic trick properly so that you can perform it effectively in front of the audience rather just knowing a hundred tricks. The most important thing about magic tricks is the timing. When performing magic tricks, every step should be planned and executed at the right time. The audience should be in two minds when they see the results of the magic trick. Magic tricks are not just puzzles, although they may be puzzles in audiences mind. If the audience does not know the answer, it does not mean, that they are tricked. This is clearly not magic.

There are also books that contain some simple magic tricks will also provide information about fact about magic tricks. Every magic trick can be explained with the help of science and there is nothing bizarre in magic tricks. Magicians also incorporate their scientific knowledge when performing a magic trick. The trick is always based on a scientific principle.

Facts about magic tricks can even be availed from the internet or even from different books. If you think that learning magic tricks is not easy, then you are completely wrong. The disappearing dollar trick is one of the easiest magic tricks that you can easily do:

* This trick is done using 3 dollar bills.
* The magic involves disappearing one dollar bill from the hand which leaves the audience flummoxed.
* Take out a dollar bill secretly from your pocket and then fold it two third across. Now place the other bill over crease of fold.
* Actually when a magician performs this trick, he makes sure that no one among the audience is able to see the fold.
* This is the secret of this trick due to which The 2 one dollar bills appears like 3 dollar bills. All these things are done before you perform the trick.
* Now with the already set dollar bills, announce that you will disappear the money, which most people wont believe.
* Take top of 2 bottom edges of dollar bill. When they are lying between your pointer finger and thumb, shake the bills wildly so that the top edge of bill flops backward, that will make your folded bill unfolded.
* Now take your bills and tell the audience that out of 3 one dollar bills, one has magically disappeared and changed into two dollar bills. When you show the audience the 2 dollar bills, the spectators are amazed and perplexed. Thus actually there are only 2 dollar bills but the magician makes it look as if he has 3 one dollar bills.

Thus by knowing the facts about magic tricks one can perform them easily with full confidence. Well done!