Finding A Job With Facebook

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Whether you are a fresh graduate out on job hunting spree or someone who is looking for a new job opportunity, online job search engines would definitely be the first place you would look at before anywhere else. While all job search websites allow you to search for jobs and look for prospective employers, they will do it for everyone and not especially you. This calls for some steps with which you can find employers that no one else can or at least comparatively lesser number of people can. A revolutionary and totally practical way of job searching, social networking is fast becoming a preferred technique for job searchers who would like to have better opportunities with minimum fuss.

How is Social Networking a Job Hunting Platform?

While you may not believe that social networking can be used to find jobs, top market research firms think otherwise. According to Nielson Online, more than two third of people using social networking websites use it for searching jobs and their future employers. A destination frequented by people to share tips on employment and sharing information about job opportunities, social networking websites like Facebook are enjoying increased visitor traffic from individuals looking for ways to find jobs on it.

Before you can go any further, it is important to create a Facebook account that can be used to login with this amazing service. For creating an account, all you need to do is visit and click on the register link. After filling all the required information, you will be sent a conformation mail to your email address you had specified. Clicking on the link present in the conformation mail will make you a validated Facebook member. Now you can create your profile to include information you would like your employer to have.

Are Employers Also Looking There?

Yes they are! When it was initially started, Facebook was a huge hit among college and school going crowd that needed ways to stay in touch with each other. As Facebook and social networking evolved, adults also started learning the use of amazing fearures that social networking can offer. Apart from getting in touch with friends and family, social networking platform like Facebook also included applications that would allow users to perform various tasks form within Facebook itself.

Now, employers are also looking for their recruits on social networking websites. Employers can use information available in the employee profile to consider if a person can be employed or not. With the marketplace feature of Facebook, users can search for jobs and use the information given by the employer to email resume and other queries. Interest groups are also a nifty option for searching jobs. By being in touch with people with same interests, you will be able to track and find better job opportunities.

If you are a worker who has been laid off, you can use Facebook to network your connections with other people. By searching for old friends and getting in touch with family members, you will be able to find information on job opportunities that you can use.