Finding Out If The Other Person Online Is Being Real

By , in Dating Tips.
From their humble beginnings, online dating sites today have become big business. And rapidly evolving Internet technologies have made it possible for these sites to offer powerful tools to its members. Along with a simple profile, you can now upload photos and videos while there are tools that will help you identify other members with common interests as yours. However, despite all these advances, one of the main concerns of online dating sites remains.

Imagine you meet a person online. You exchange emails and have conversations in the chat room. You exchange photos and you even look up the person’s video online. Everything is going on just fine and you have a feeling that this could actually be the one you had been waiting for. But you have one nagging doubt in mind – how do you know if this person is for real?

This is a tough one to answer though you will find it reassuring to note that you can meet many wonderful people online and for the most part, there are only people genuinely wanting to seek their soul mates on these sites. However, as in real life, you cannot deny the fact that there may be some unsavory characters hanging around on these online dating sites.

As precaution is better than cure, when you meet someone online, do not be in a hurry to reveal too much about your personal life. You should especially avoid giving details like where you live, where you work, if you have kids and where they study, telephone numbers and so on. You could even consider having a separate email account for online dating sites and another one for all other purposes.

After having taken all these precautions and after you happen to meet a person you are genuinely interested in, how do you know if this person is for real? Well, the person’s online dating profile should contain enough hints for you to make a guess. Most of us have some or the other imperfection. If you feel that the person you are interested in seems too good to be true, it is entirely possible that it is! In such a case, trust your instinct to make the right decision.

You will need to take the final step once you are perfectly happy with the person’s profile, your conversations have gone well and you are all set to meet the person. Is there any way that you can tell before the meeting that the person is real? Well, the best way seems to be to actually meet them. People who are not telling the truth or are not for real will postpone meeting you for a long time and that should indicate to you that the person might not be real.

The key steps in protecting yourself from being fooled by a fake person on an online dating site are to take all precautions necessary and convince yourself that the person you want to meet is indeed genuine. Then give the final test – meet him or her and find out if the person is real.