Fitness Workouts

The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines fitness as “the quality or state of being fit.” Fitness can be attained by regular workouts and with a balanced diet. Different workouts are required helping with different ailments, for example aerobics is used for heart and respiratory problems as well as weight loss, weight-bearing exercise for bone strength, weight training for muscle strength, and stretching for flexibility. People spend huge amount of money on fitness equipments, personal trainers and often leave their exercise routine after some time either because of financial concern or they find it time-consuming with no results. This makes skipping/jumping ropes a viable option as it is cheaper, time-saving, east to store, requires no infrastructure and can be done at home and gives far better results than other methods of workouts.
Skipping/jumping ropes provide a cardiovascular exercise as well as act as an effective tool to lose extra weight. Jumping/skipping rope involves jumping over the rope with both feet while it passes below the feet. One may do variations in jumping for instance; one can jump together with two feet twice while the rope passes below his feet. One can also jog forward while skipping/jumping rope. While this may be easier for a few people, it can be difficult for some. This variation requires space such as a park or a lawn. Another variation is just like normal jumping and can be done by holding just a leg in the air so that one of your legs never touches the ground. These variations of skipping/jumping rope depend stamina to perform and sustain through the exercise.

Proper attention should be laid on clothing while exercising. You must wear sport shoes and supportive cross-trainers. Never wear running shoes as they won’t provide a forefoot support and can even harm the balls of one’s feet while bouncing. One should also avoid jumping on concrete floors or other hard surfaces. Wooden or carpeted floor is most suitable for skipping rope. Otherwise one can also exercise on a thin and comfortable exercise mat on whatever surface you exercise.

Jumping/skipping ropes may prove to be tiring and exhausting thus, one should remember that remember that he/she should progress gradually. You can start from 25 rounds of skips with 5 minutes/day and gradually increase the skipping rounds as well as time.

Plan a routine for jumping/skipping rope and always keep yourself hydrated while taking a break between activities. It is advised that skipping/jumping should be done in a well ventilated room only. It is advisable that before starting new workouts, one must consult his physician seek on advice on pros and cons of skipping/jumping ropes and its effect on his overall health. Caution is advised for people who have medical considerations.
Rope for skipping/jumping comes handy even for those who travel a lot because one can take rope anywhere with them as they are handy and easy to store.

Few researches claim that skipping ropes can burn 1000-1500 calories an hour. This makes it an effective workout. Moreover, it can be done anywhere and is too easy to learn. Its infrastructure comes at a minimal price.