Flirting Tips: Flirting At Work

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Flirting Tips: Flirting At Work

When you’re out on a Friday or Saturday night, many think this presents the best opportunities for flirting and meeting people. It is a good place to start but why limit yourself to the bar and night club scene. One of the best places available to meet people is the workplace.  Relationships created by meeting at work tend to materialize and last longer than those on the social scene.

Work is a great place to meet people. These are people that you see on a daily basis and know. It presents great flirting opportunities, but you need to follow a few guidelines. If you like a work college, you should check to make sure there are no ruled against employees dating. Some companies have put these in place resulting in people loosing their positions. If they do have such a policy then you may want to think again. Is this person really worth being unemployed.

If your company has no such policy you still however need to remain professional. You should still try to be discreet. Make sure your behavior doesn’t make other co-workers uncomfortable.  Also when it comes to the actually flirting, make sure it is done on your own time. Use your breaks or lunches, using company time can result in disciplinary actions.

Finally, try to avoid flirting with those senior to you. This can create a tense atmosphere in the workplace. Others may think you’re getting preferred treatment if you end up dating the boss. If you and someone senior end up dating then you need to be as professional as possible. Be discreet and do what you can to avoid confrontation with others. Those in senior positions should think twice before flirting with someone below them. Things start of well but many sexual harassment cases have been filed as the result of a failed work relationship.

Work provides for some excellent flirting opportunities, but you need to be careful. If your actions are misinterpreted then they could result in some serious consequences.