Flirting Tips: Things To Try

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Flirting Tips: Things To Try

There is no sure fire way to flirt. People flirt in different ways and how they feel comfortable. Some of us like to be subtle and give small signals while others can be more assertive and direct. Your success will depend highly on the person you’re flirting with and your own style. For those that have very little flirting experience there are a few things that you can try to get the attention of that special someone. In this article, we will look at some simple things anyone can do in order to flirt.

Something you can do that is fairly harmless is to glace over at the one your interested at frequent intervals. You don’t want to start them down just occasionally look over. It is okay to make eye contact with them and then smile. What ever you do, don’t look away the second they notice you glancing. This will make both of you quite uncomfortable.

If you are in a public place, like a bar or restaurant, you could try making trips near the person your interested in. You could go to the restroom and plan a simple detour around where your target is sitting. If you’re feeling brave enough, smile as you pass by. This can be interpreted as flirting or friendliness.

If you finally approach the person and engage them in conversation, compliments always are nice. You don’t want to overdo it or make them obvious. See if something arises in the conversation. For example, if the person says something about their profession, you could show interest and tell them how much you admire it. It is imperative that you sound genuine otherwise it sounds like cheap pick up lines.

Laughing at jokes is always nice. People like to know that they have a good sense of humor. Try to laugh only if you find it funny. If the joke is really bad just ignore it.

Finally, inquiring about hobbies and pastimes is a great way to flirt. It serves two purposes. You are getting to know the person and laying the groundwork for possible future date possibilities.

All of these tips are fun harmless things that can help the flirting process. They are things that nearly everyone can do despite their level of comfort. By practicing these tips you may well on your way to a first date in the near future.