Food For Ferrets

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Food For Ferrets

Ferrets make good pets and companions because of their cute and inquisitive nature. If you wish to adopt a ferret, you need to know everything about its characteristics, needs and its care. The male ferret is about 18 inches in size and about 3-5 pounds in weight; while female ferrets are smaller and 1.5-2.5 pounds in weight. They like to play, jump and amuse you. They are found in several colors such as albino white,sable, silvermit, cinnamon and black. When you adopt ferrets, you should take care of its cage, toys as well as ferrets food.

Ferrets are carnivores and hence, ferrets food should include some quantity of meat. Ferrets can eat small preys whole, including rabbits, insects, rodents, toads and fish. However, it is not practically possible for the owner to feed whole carcasses. Hence, ferret kibble is the usual base diet. The feeding requirements of the ferrets are unique. Their diet should is generally rich in animal protein and fat and low in fiber.

The ferrets have a rapid metabolism rate with a short digestive system. Therefore, you should feed your ferret more frequently, generally every 3-4 hours. Clean, fresh water also should be available all the time. If your ferret is gaining excess weight, then find out the medical problem related to it. Increased exercise is generally recommended to maintain the weight, rather than restricting the diet.

Dry ferrets food can a good choice, as it can be left available any time. Canned ferret food can be given occasionally as a supplement or as a treat. The basic requirements for the ferrets diet are as follows:

* The ferret diet should be high in protein
* Protein should be of high quality, easily digestible and should be animal-based.
* The diet should be rich in fat; at least 20% or upto 30% on the label analysis.
* The ferret food should be very low in carbohydrates and fibers.

Most ferret owners prefer a high-quality kibble as ferrets food. It can be conveniently stored for a long time and does not get spoiled earlier. The ferrets need more proteins and fat between the age of 4-5. The ferret food should contain about 18-22% of fat, 37-38% protein and less than 3% of fibers. The ferret food should contain chicken or taurin.

The health of the ferret depends on its diet; hence you need to be very particular about its diet. Premium ferrets food includes ingredients like chicken, meat, egg or combination of some ingredients. In addition to main diet kibble, you may try different items such as beef, chicken, shrimp or pork. You can also feed raw meat or cooked or fried food to your ferret.

Many ferrets like fruits or vegetables. However, as it contains large amount of sugar and fibers, it is advisable not to give often, but as a small treat. You can give small pieces of raisins, apple, cucumber, banana etc to the ferret. You can also feed raw, scrambled to cooked eggs to the ferret. The milk can be given in a small quantity. Almost all the ferrets love Ferretone, which is an oil with vitamins, which can be given in moderate amount as vitamin supplements.