Gain Weight: Weight, Not Fat

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Gain Weight: Weight, Not Fat

If you are trying to gain weight keep in mind that the weight you gain should be in the form of weight and not added fat.  Anyone who wants to gain weight should do so in a healthy and natural way.  Don’t just start filling your body with foods that are high in calories and high in fat.  This type of eating is not healthy and will only lead to a gain in body fat.  To gain weight in a healthy manner you need to begin a program of healthy eating combined with a weight lifting exercise program.

A healthy body is achieved with exercise and a balanced diet.  Educate yourself on how you can add strength and muscle to your arms and legs.  Find a weight trainer who can show you the safe and healthy way to train with weights and participate in other types of exercises without doing damage to your body.  If you injure yourself you are less likely, and able to continue lifting weights.  This means that you will only add fat to your body if you are eating more in an effort to gain weight.  A certified instructor can show you what weights you should be lifting to gain the maximum benefit to your body.

People in their senior years often feel and look frail due to the fact that they have lost a large percentage of the muscles in their body.  Inactive people, whether they are young or old, will also loose a large portion of muscles mass.  And when there is muscle loss there is also loss of strength.  People who are frail often have difficulty performing everyday activities such as walking up and down stairs or carrying a back of groceries to the car.  If you want to gain weight you also need to add muscle.  Adding fat to your body will not help you improve your strength and will in fact just put your health into a higher category of risk.

Once you start to add exercise and weight training to your daily schedule your appetite will start to increase.  It only takes about 15 extra grams of protein every day to build one pound of muscle per week.  This means that you won’t have to eat that many more calories in one day in order to increase your muscle mass.  When making food choices, choose foods that are in low in fat and high in protein such as fish and meat.  Other food choices that should balance out your diet include fruits, vegetables, bean, and whole grains.