GED Online: Timing and Test Scores

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GED Online: Timing and Test Scores

Timing for writing and taking, completing these tests are flexible, to accommodate a wide array of student and GED online graduate hopefuls. 

For the tests there are typically a set allocation of 120 minutes (2 hours). For section 1: 75 minutes slotted for the 50 questions. For section 2: 45 minutes slotted for the essay writing portion of the test.

If you do finish early on the first part, you can utilize the time left or gained thus, to the essay writing, or visa versa. Depending on where your strengths and/or weaknesses lie in each section, you can adjust your exam writing strategy accordingly.

Understanding the GED Test Scoring is also important, if you are to answer each section, exam/test portion to the best of your ability, to maximize your score, outcome. You want to answer to your strengths, not your get tangled up in what you do not know, cannot answer, or your obvious, known weaknesses in certain areas. You need to answer each section to get as high as score as possible across the board and in each section individually, in order to pass the GED.

The standard scores for the GED tests range from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 800 on each test.
To pass, any GED online site will publish to you and inform students that the GED passing rate minimum is 60%

When you translate this into practical terms, it will  mean at least 410 scored on each GED test in order to pass it in its totality. You will need to accumulate and achieve an overall score of 450 for the five-tests.

No score on individual portions can/should be below 410 or you will not pass. If they are, you need to compensate in other areas, well above 410 level, to average out at a minimum of 450.

Official test centers in your area or accredited GED online links and sites, will provide all the information, registration, pricing, dates, logistics you require for your state to take the GED. The centers are located in all major cities across the U.S. and Canada.  There are lists online. Remember that the GED online is not the test or diploma, they are typically dealing with registration, pricing, studies, tutorials, training programs, support and such, not offering the GED test online or awarding the GED online – it can only be done through the licensed mandated body, approved for this purpose – the testing centers, even for international students.