Getting Your Salmon

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Are you a salmon fishing enthusiast who has to struggle even for a single catch? Are you disappointed by your salmon fishing skills and more than often feel dejected by the fact that others are taking home a bucket full from the very spot where you got nothing? While salmon fishing is not exactly a science, there are certain tricks that can get you to your bucket full of salmon. Tried and tested through generations most of the salmon fishing techniques are made especially according to the behavior and lifestyle of salmon.

Being a very cautious fish, salmon is more likely to coy on flies no matter how careful you are in selecting the perfect fly for your catch. While they cannot be called a timid species, salmon can test your patience when it comes to salmon fishing. Although most of us face trouble getting the salmon to bite, there are other salmon fishing enthusiasts who seem to have a spell on salmon. I’m sure you must have seen salmon fishing experts who can get salmon like bees to honey. While it can be said that these people are just lucky, even fate cannot be so biased. One other possibility that would explain salmon gobbling down each fly that is thrown by salmon fishing experts can be explained by the fact that they use certain salmon fishing techniques that you may not be aware of.

To most of the part, salmon fishing is more or less all about getting the salmon to sink its teeth on the bait or lure. Although a tricky thing to do, successfully doing so will almost guarantee you your catch. Testing your patience, salmon can nibble or circle around your bait for a long time till you make a mistake leading to their quick runaway. Most, if not all salmon fishing experts are of the opinion that salmon decrease their feeding while they are laying their eggs. Due to this belief, fishing in waters that are frequently visited by salmon for laying eggs can leave you with an unsatisfied day.

While the above theory is more or less accepted, there are other experts that believe the other way around. According to one more theory, salmon tends to look after each other’s eggs and would bite at anything that would seem like a danger to the eggs. As a second nature, salmon would also take a drifting roe in his mouth to place it in a safer place. Perhaps this is the reason why cured salmon roe is deemed to be the best bait for catching salmon.

Jiggling is a method by which a salmon is attracted to the bait by juggling the jigs and making salmon to bite on it. Given below are some guidelines to folly while jiggling.
* Learn where salmon lays its eggs and choose suitable spots for yourself.
* Be careful about the color of your jigs. Choosing a range from blue to green could be beneficial.
* Jiggle on a bait school to get the most out f your bait jiggle
* Jiggling should be make the bait look realistic to the salmon, this would make it easier for a salmon to take a bite.
* As long as you are juggling you can also consider, water skimming which is a good technique to follow.