Global Warming And Hybrid Cars

Global Warming And Hybrid Cars

Human activity has alarmingly increased global warming over the period of time. The thinning of artic level long with the melting of glaciers has caused the dramatic rise in sea levels. There has also been a dramatic rise in the number of volcanic eruptions, landslides, droughts, floods and hurricanes. In short global warming has caused a lot of changes in the execution of the functioning of earth’s atmosphere. 

In order to face this menace, a lot of judicious steps need to be implemented. The car producers have been asked to chalk out eco friendly designs and devise out ways so that the emission of gases in the atmosphere can be controlled. After all, the contribution of vehicles in green house effects is quite apparent. Countries like USA has uncontrolled gaseous emissions that cannot even be compared with other countries.  

Recently an alternative solution to reduce the effects of global warming has been devised. This concept is termed as the hybrids innovative technology. The augmented consumption of gas causes the environmental problems. It is surprising to know that the gasoline that actually weighs around six gallons, weighs twenty gallons when the carbon dioxide in it combines with water after it is burned. If a hybrid car is developed than the amount of green house gases emitted can be controlled dynamically without adding to any grave consequences. 

The reason behind choosing the hybrid cars is its technical working though which the fuel emissions can be decreased. It does not use gasoline and rather runs on battery. These cars get automatically switched off when stopped. They basically work on an electric motor that aids the gasoline engine of the car. But the motor restricts the functioning of gasoline through which the fuel emission of the car gets reduced.  

These cards also lower down the smog by more than ninety percent when compared to the other cards. Hence the hybrid cars have note worthy innovations when dealing with global warming. They not only limit the emissions of gases but also work on constricted consumption. 

With global warming increasing its jeopardising aftermath on such a large scale, the use of hybrid cars may not be a very competent option but in spite of it, if the population adopts it’s functioning a lot can be done. In a nutshell, its contribution in curbing the numerous effects of global warming is satisfactory.