Go with the Flow

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Manufacturing, industrial, and even chemigation processes, benefit from the use of a system that includes the use of a calibration column. A system that includes a calibration column in its process allows you to easily determine the flow rate of liquids that are pumped from your manufacturing, industrial or chemigation processes.

A calibration column is usually made out of clear PVC with industry grade graduations that measure things such as milliliters per minute and gallons per hour. You can install one calibration column for each pump set to measure pump flow rates.

A calibration column is a very important tool. In industrial and chemical processes, precision is of extreme importance and the calibration column assures you of that. All kinds of systems that include processes where liquids are pumped will need the reliability of a calibration column. Pumping system solutions that include calibration columns vary from each other depending on what purpose it will serve.

For instance, if industrial chemicals will be introduced into the system, it is important that the graduation marks on the calibration column are protected from chemical corrosion for it to continue to maintain its integrity. If on the other hand, your pumping systems require the strict regulation of flow rates, you need a system with a calibration column that is connected to an emergency release valve to be able to minimize total risk.

There are many dependable and reliable pump system solutions provider in the market that can supply the right kind of system with the right kind of calibration column for your needs and requirements. To help you along on your search, you might want to check out some industrial grade systems that include the use of a calibration column for your pumping processes.

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Koflo Corporation begun as a family endeavor in the early 1980s and since then has grown in scope and size.

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