Healthy Lunches And Cooking Healthy

Healthy Lunches And Cooking Healthy

Parents have started making arrangements of cooking food in district cafeterias in order to avail healthy food for their children. The group of parents formed a committee at district level naming Healthy School Lunch Committee one year ago to make arrangement for nutritious diet for students of Palo Alto Unified School District.

The group has demanded the district to make arrangement for healthy diet for students in their lunch.

The parents have not placed their agenda with important detail in front of district government but they are expecting that board would remove soda machines from the schools and colleges on their demand.

The district is offering its support in giving shape to all concepts of supportive plans according to   famous group naming Susan Stansbury said. But money is chief matter of concern.

The committee wishes to assure that children at district level are consuming healthy food. Dr. Thomas Robinson, who is director of the Pediatric Weight Control Program at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, has made the statement that the number of children who are suffering from obesity is increasing and it is the case with Palo Alto.

The children who are overweight can easily be caught in the grip of some serious diseases heart attack, high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol.

The group’s first step to make organic foods such as bean and cheese the part of diet of children at Palo Alto’s public elementary schools could not achieve success. It became the part of lunch of children all over the district for some time only.

This happened due to high cost of food. The committee is working hard for the successful implementation of its policy. The one major change in its program is to put its contract of food service on bid so that they can get a good vendor.

One more thing which committee can do is to ask the present vendor naming Sodexho — to offer food of good quality.

Students can have many healthy choices each day, which may include pizza, hamburgers and refried beans. The option of Fresh fruit and vegetables will always remain available according   to Marquez.

Most of the food items will be pre-cooked and packaged in a big kitchen at Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School and after that these food items will be sent to district schools. The Kitchens at Jordan and Terman are also in process of restructuring.