How Business Quotes Can Improve Your Business

Ted had a day job as a car salesman and had been going through the same routing for over four years. From nine to five in the morning, Ted’s job was to sell cars and though he was good at it, he knew that this was not what he wanted to do. Ted was very good with his hands and could turn out intricately carved wooden boxes in just days. He used to present them to his friends or family who would be amazed at the kind of skill he had. For a long time, Ted had been wondering if he should quit his job and start doing something on his own. However, the uncertainties of business always filled him with apprehension and prevented him from thinking further in that direction.
Till one day when Ted was caught up in traffic and his car could not move for a whole hour. He had an old magazine in the car and as he began to read it, a quote caught his eye. Henry David Thoreau, the famous author and poet had said,’ If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them’. For a whole hour, Ted thought about the quote and contemplated over its meaning.

That day Ted resigned from his job. His employer was sorry to see a good employee leave but he realized that Ted meant to finally turn his dreams into reality. Ted began by selling his handicrafts to his close relatives and friends, who in turn spread the word about his amazing talent. Very soon, more and more people wanted customized wooden boxes from Ted. With his savings, Ted could open an online store and sell his products all over the world. People wanted not just customized wooden boxes but rifle cases, prayer boxes, toys, toy blocks, toy trains; the demand would not stop. Soon Ted had to hire people who would help him out in his workshop.

The quote that Ted had read, had made him focus on his goals sharply. He realized that unless he took practical action, he was not going to realize his dreams. In fact, he understood that it was in his hands to do what he wanted to do and the choice of whether to follow up on his dreams or to let it go was his. Today, Ted owns a chain of small stores all over the country selling personalized wooden pieces and his online business too is doing very well. And all because of that one quote.

We all know that quotes have the ability to inspire and motivate. However, as you can see, quotes can also help make some business aspects clearer to us. They also deliver us from the fear that seems to paralyze us from time to time and goad us into action. The next time, you feel helpless or frustrated by business matters, you could turn to motivational quotes to help you find the inspiration that you so desperately seek.