How Much Sunlight Do House Plants Need?

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How Much Sunlight Do House Plants Need?

People love houseplants for the elegance that they add to their homes. Apart from their decorative value serve the benefit of giving us a positive, vibrant and lively feel in the house. The environment of the house feels fresh because of all the oxygen generated by these wonderful creations of nature.

Many people that houseplants being plants need light and soil for their growth. Well even though this is to a large extent is correct, techniques have emerged which allow you to grow houseplants without sufficient soil. Use of conventional soil based planting solutions is soon to be a thing of the past. Today’s hydro culture is fast becoming the preferred choice of people for growing houseplants as it is makes the experience of having houseplants inside your house, less messy and easier to maintain.

Now, that we know that houseplants can do without soil, the next thing we need to do is to maintain our house plants so that they develop into beautiful creations and not dull, dead looking heaps of weeds! The main thing to take care about, in the proper growth of houseplants is to look at the factors affecting its growth. The critical ones are the intensity and duration of sunlight that the plant receives, temperature of the place where the plant is kept and temperature of the plant itself, and the humidity of the location.

We can determine how much lighting our houseplants need by knowing about the sunlight light that our houseplants get. This could depend on the location of the room or the placing of the plant in the room. For example the plant can be placed in a well lit room but if it is getting a shade from another household article like a cupboard or coffee table then this improper placing could lead to a hindrance in the growth of the plant, making it dull and unattractive.

There are some places which are advised for placing of plants in your house:

  • Bright light: A location in the house where there is a bright light will mostly be southern or western part of the house with an opening or a window. This place is ideal for houseplants as they would receive nice bright sunlight all day long without any hindrance. Again, care is advised in determining the position of the plant in the room; watch out for shadows from any household furniture etc. on the plant.
  • Indirect Light: This type of light generally comes from an eastern facing opening or interior part of a southern or western facing room.
  • Low light: Low lighting situations are generally a found in north facing rooms. Most rooms in the house suffer from a low light condition. Shadows casted on houseplants from furniture, trees etc also would also result in low light conditions for that plant. Particularly in these spaces, houseplants, the suffer most and would growth slowly. A common solution to this problem would be to use sources of artificial lightning like lamps for illumination.