How To Play Piano By Ear

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How To Play Piano By Ear

How to play piano by ear is the question many students ask. Students hesitate to learn as they think it is too difficult. Many people get confused because of the name ‘play piano by ear’. Well, at start in may be difficult, but once you are familiar with this technique, it becomes very easier. This article will help you how to play piano by ear.

Pick up any melody you like and try to find out intervals between two notes so that you will be able to understand the chords. If you understand intervals then it will be very easy to pick out melody quicker. The next step in learning how to play piano by ear is to understand chords and harmonize melody with chords. Three chords are sufficient to harmonize melody with it. These three different chords are based on first note, fourth note and fifth note of the scale of key you play on piano. For example in the key of C, the three different chords would be C major, F minor and G major. These three chords compose of all the notes in the C key.

Once you get familiarized with these different chords you will get to know that progression of some chords have tension and some do not. The most frequently used chord progression is one – four – five. By learning, these three different chords will help you know how to play piano by ear guaranteed. You might ask how it is possible. All most all the music like various pop songs and other different classical compositions are based on these chords. They are like bedrock of modern harmonic music. These chords have all the scales that are required for playing any song on piano.

It is been discovered that most tensions build up between one and five chords. Therefore, they learned to control the build up of chords to climax and to release chords to end the scale. When you press on the keys, notice the short and long notes, observe how music rolls in piano concert. Then you will understand these loud to soft and long to short notes are elements of any sort of music and it do have names. What you should aim while learning how to play piano by ear is to enjoy the music. If you are enjoy the music while playing piano then you do not just quit playing because you are not that perfect. It requires practice for several years to master the art of playing piano whether by ear or by sight.

The last step to learn how to play piano by ear is chord voicing. Chord voicing means when you play piano chords in various positions except the root position. By applying different scales like major and bottom, you can create different voicing. This way you can develop different rhythmic patterns and those rhythmic patterns are nothing but melodies. By playing piano by ear, you could play almost all piano chords in root position; however, you could create variation in your sound pattern by using various different chord voicing.