Improve Your Memory With NLP Hypnosis

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You might have come across some people in your life with an exceptional memory and often might have been tempted to call such persons geniuses. At times you may have dreamt of possessing such a a memory but simply did not make an effort assuming that a good memory is a gift of god. However these geniuses are not necessarily god gifted. In the present world even a normal person can gain a super memory with the help of 5 easy techniques of NLP hypnosis. A raised memory status enables you to face various challenges of life and perform all your tasks with ease. In this article we have discussed 5 unique and simple NLP techniques that can help you to easily achieve your desire of increasing your memory.

Your Past can be Your Best Teacher

Learning from your past is the most powerful technique that facilitates your learning skills. This technique of NLP hypnosis extends you with a broad scope to learn from your own experiences. No matter whether the experiences you had were good or bad but invariably every experience has something in store for you to learn and understand. You must learn to derive at least an inspiration from each of your past instances and apply it to your present to get a flawless future.

What Limits You or Your Personality?

The second technique tells you to find out all the factors that limit your personality and restricts you from achieving your goals. Try and ask your self certain questions like- what stopped me from achieving my goal? What are the reasons of my failure in my task? Why am I not able to achieve my goal? What are the limitations in my personality that restrict me from doing a work that others can easily do? How can I improve them? Answering these questions for yourself would get your task half done.

Make use of Representational Form of Learning

The third NLP technique that assists you in gaining a super power memory is to connect or link your learning or knowledge with any modality. There are a number of modalities in NLP. These modalities are nothing but the way of remembering your subject.

They are simple NLP techniques that help to make the learning interesting technique easy for you. The 4 modalities that are used under NLP techniques are-

1. Visual modality- They deal with images and pictures to remember things.
2. Modality of Sound and Words- They deal with sounds or words to remember things.
3.  Modality of feelings and sensations- They deal with linking of feelings with the subject.
4. Modality of Situations- They deal with situations to remember things.

Avoid Stress

If your mind is full of stress, it has no place to learn or grab anything that is new and may be useful to you. Therefore the fourth technique of NLP hypnosis is to remove the stress and tension from your mind.

Revision is an Essential Part of Learning

The final technique is to revise your subject daily in order to gain excellence. Revising daily makes sure that you do not neglect your subject in any case.

With these NLP techniques you can easily increase your ability to learn faster and endow yourself with a sharp memory.