Installing Your Wireless Network

Your friend got a wireless network installed in his home and now that you have seen that it is really convenient, you too want to use it. While it is a good thing that you have finally decided to jump in the wireless rollercoaster, you need to do some preparation beforehand. There are many things that you may need to do in order to perform successful implementation of wireless network at your house so that you can enjoy an optimum web browsing experience while sitting at the comfort of your living room. Read on to know more about installing a wireless network.

If you want to have your own wireless network at your home, either you will go for professional service providers that will provide you with complete range of services from implementation of wireless networking to signal boosting and signal dampening along with security and reliability assurance or you will do it yourself. While expensive, professional wireless network installation service providers do give the worth of their money. Although there is no doubt that you can yourself also install a wireless network around your home, but if you are not too familiar with the working of wireless technology and do not want to indulge in heavy learning and practicing with wireless equipments, you should go for professional service providers only.

If you are installing a wireless network in your home by yourself, you should try to answer some of the questions that would help you have a better understanding of your needs.

What is My Basic Need From a Wireless Network? – Being one of the most basic and important question, almost half of your wireless networking worry is taken care of by the answer to this question. Utmost important for knowing bandwidth requirements, you should always remember the amount of bandwidth you are preparing a wireless network for. While activities like casual surfing, chatting, emailing and even a couple of streaming videos are fine with a low frequency connection, a high frequency connection like multimedia network is needed for being used for frequent downloads of large files, live streaming and music or video downloading.

The Area I Want my Wireless Network to Span – This question deals with the signal range your wireless connection will have.
A key point to remember here is that while a stronger and wider signal is always possible, this also reduces the frequency and thus decreases the speed of data transfer.

What Kind of Network Adaptors will I Use – The answer to this question is a cumulative result of all answers. The wireless adaptors that you choose for implementation in your wireless network depends on whether you want high speed data transfer, wider range or greater security. While individual preferences can be given to 802.11.a and 802.11b, the 802.11g adaptor is the most popular because it has the right combination of data transfer speed, security and area coverage.

Not only the tips given above, having a perfect wireless networking solution at your home also depends on many other factors. While you are considering a wireless installation, you should also have a close look at factors like distance of router from the point of access, construction material used in your home and RF interference along with the power and radio frequency restrictions available in your neighborhood.