Interesting Things To Do In Macedonia

Macedonia is a small mountainous country in the Balkan region and till a few years back formed a part of the Republic of Yugoslav. Now, in its new post-communist era, Macedonia is beginning to rediscover itself and has only just started opening up to tourists. There are plenty of attractive things to see and do in Macedonia but there are a few that every visitor must do while holidaying in Macedonia.

First, since it is a small country, any visitor can easily travel around the country taking in its famed natural beauty. Macedonia has magnificent mountains and valleys and is also famous for some very beautiful lakes. Lake Ohrid is probably one of the best-known lakes here and is believed to be the deepest in Europe. Whether or not you are the outdoor type, visiting these mountains and lakes is an absolute must when you travel to Macedonia. Take a walk along these lakes and you will get to view some of the most beautiful landscapes you would have ever seen.

Macedonia is trying to rebuild itself as a nation and everywhere in the country you will find signs of modernity. However, intermingling with these are historical buildings and ancient sites. For example, Thessaloniki is one of it’s most ancient cities and probably so in entire Europe. Every visitor has to make it a point to visit Thessaloniki and take in the ruins of an ancient city discovered in this place.

If you would like to take a break from all the nature walks and historical sightseeing, you could relax in two of the most pleasurable ways in Macedonia. One, you could make a beeline to any one of Macedonia’s attractive beaches like Platamonas or Methoni. These beaches are stretches of absolutely unspoilt white, soft sand alongside beautifully blue, shallow water. They are thus great for swimming, even if you are accompanied by children. If you are the outdoor type, you could enjoy the number of water sport activities that are forever on offer here. The restaurants and nightlife around these beaches are added attractions. In fact, you might fancy renting any of the holiday villas or apartments that line the scenery along the beach, to spend the rest of your holiday.

Another excellent alternative is to relax in any of the hot water spas that are famous in this region, like Katlanovo Spa or Debar Spa. These are excellent places to heal your mind and your body as well since the spa waters are believed to cure many diseases that ail the human body.

Macedonia is filled with monasteries, churches and mosques, all existing peacefully in the same region. They not only bear religious significance but are also filled with exquisite art and architectural examples of the bygone Ottoman and Byzantine period.

As you can see, there is no dearth of activities in the wonderful country of Macedonia but everyone who visits this place should certainly take in the interesting things that we have listed above to truly understand the mystique of this region.