Is Colic Caused By Baby Formula?

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Call it a need due to a hectic schedule or maybe difficulty  breastfeeding the baby, many mothers choose to feed their babies with baby formula available in various flavors and types in the market. However, it is only when their babies become colicky they realize the affect of formula food on their babies. Read on to know more about baby formula and how they can affect a colicky baby.

Why Baby Formula Affects Babies?

Though commercially available formulas tend to be very popular amongst mothers,s and even babies seem to relish them with pleasure, it is quite often than not that suddenly you will find them turning all colicky. In case, you are still not aware of the possible reasons or causes of baby colic due to baby formula, then read the following:

* Babies are often sensitive to the protein present in cow’s milk. This is major reason behind the reaction from the formula that the baby is made to consume.
* Babies often lack the enzymes to break down the milk proteins present in the formula.
* The process of digesting formula often results in chronic abdominal pains in babies.

Detecting Signs For A Formula Change

Detecting signs for a formula change may not seem to be an important issue for many mothers due to their trust on the formula makers. However, it is essential that they observe their baby and check out whether their baby needs a formula change or not. Try these tips to detect the same:
* If your baby has stomach aches and gas pains after a feeding
* If your baby doesn’t open his mouth to take the formula
* If your baby is getting weak day by day

Consider These Formulas

If you have succeeded in detecting that your baby needs a formula change, then consider the following types of baby formulas available in the market:
* Carnation Good Start: This is a reliable company known to produce quality baby formulas having “comfort proteins” that are much easier to break down by babies and result in less gas pain. Remember, that this formula works for babies who can digest cow’s proteins. Avoid giving it to babies who are allergic to cow’s protein.

* Soy-based Formula: For the babies who do not accept Carnation’s Good Start Formula, another option is to try soy-based formula. The sad thing to know is that in most cases babies who are allergic to cow’s protein won’t accept soy-based formula either. Try consulting your doctor before giving you allergic baby a soy-based formula.

* Hypoallergenic Formula: If neither the Carnation’s Good Start not the soy-based formula works for your colic baby, then try using the hypoallergenic formula. This formula is best for babies who have a hyper sensitive digestive system. However, remember that every good and exceptional thing has its cost and this is the reason there are bit expensive than other formulas.

So, now you know how to detect whether your baby needs a formula change and which formulas to try to heal you colicky baby.