Low Fat Or No Fat Cheese

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Low Fat Or No Fat Cheese

Have you cut your cheese consumption because you are dieting? Cheese is delicious, mouth watering and the most wanted item all round the year. It is extremely popular to snack on and cook with. There are multiple types, textures and flavors of cheese. It is almost impossible to go a day without finding cheese in one of our meals. It can be found in eggs, salads, sandwiches, soups, pizza and pasta. This list could go on and on. Cheese is a staple in our lives and is considered a traditional staple in our everyday diets. The only hurdle between cheese lovers and cheese itself is the amount of fat it contains. Cheese and the amount of fat it contains, can compete with any non-vegetarian dish high in fat content! That obstacle, however, has now been removed thanks to improved technology.

Due to high demand, we now have low fat cheese also, that has a reduced amount of fat but the calcium level sustained, with the fat content of half of that in the original one!!

There was a time when individuals had to cut down on their daily cheese consumptions because of the high fat content. Today, the low fat modification is more recommended for girls and women because of its high amount of calcium levels which prevents diseases such as Colon Cancer, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Migraine and PMS. Anything that reduces the chances of getting one of these diseases is worth your time and consumption!

Along with this, cheese is also a good source of protein. Protein is an extremely important part of our diet. It is necessary to keep our daily protein intake at a healthy level. This will ensure a healthier, happier body.

Low fat one is produced by ultra-filtration of the milk. The ultra-filtered semi-skimmed milk had up to 20% reduced fat content. Another most important question that now comes to mind is, if that’s what low fat cheese is, then no fat modification would be better, and a more sensible option to use. But that is surprisingly not the case at all.

No fat cheese and even low fat cheese often becomes watery in recipes and doesn’t melt well. It is extremely difficult to cook with. Even if you are using any variety of low fat, there is no compromise on the taste and texture or qualities of the cheese. It is the same and behaves the same way under all conditions of cooking preparation. Try combining a low or no fat cheese with on that does contain fat. This might aid in the cooking process.

No matter what your decision, be sure to enjoy the pleasure a great cheese will bring to your diet! If you are watching your weight, know that a little bit of fatty cheese will not destroy you…treat yourself every once in awhile! If you are still determined not to consume a fatty cheese, be sure to choose a high quality cheese to ensure the taste has not been altered in the fat reduction process.