Low Fat Recipes: A Definition and Illustration

Low Fat Recipes: A Definition and Illustration

How would you convert a traditional recipe, conventional method, to a low fat recipe? A simple enough question, with probably many correct answers. There are many chefs, gourmets and industry experts that will all have their 2 cents to throw into the ring as far as opinions go. Here is one such example from baking a cake and baked treats, sugary goods, that typically you would not think would qualify to fall into this category per se or necessarily.

What is a delicious low calorie/low fat vanilla frosting recipe for baking a cake for a birthday ? There are options. Even if you just opt to use what you have in the pantry, a cake mix and do not have the time or means to buy anything “healthier” while shopping for your groceries and delivery of a quality end-product is paramount?

Are there any vanilla frosting mixes pre-made on the shelves that are low calorie and low fat?  And if not, is there possible a really good low fat recipe to make something truly yummy? Nutritional information is everything these days and you can spend some time reading the labels and descriptors on foods, which in North America, by law have to list what, how much etc. To carry the label of a low fat product or low fat recipe, look for less than 3 grams of fat per single serving.

Solutions might include low fat recipe preparations and ingredients like low fat cream cheese frosting by using fat free cream cheese instead of the calorie-laden boxed or pre-packed, pre-mixed products.

The powdered sugar in most of these is going to seriously add the calories,  but not the fat! And that is the key to optimizing low fat recipe cooking and baking.

Also opt to use lowfat milk to thin the mixture. For a really low fat recipe solutions, really simple and easy, choose to rather use a “glaze” instead

It will drip, run and cover, even trickling inviting down the sides of the cake, inviting all to bite in and indulge a little. If you cannot find or follow a low fat recipe that suits your needs, budget or preference, some good advice would still be to make your personal favorite, scrumptious cake (traditional favorite) and minimize the portion sizes – that means or translates into cutting smaller slices!