Managing Multiple Blogs

If you are looking at starting your business from home, blogging or generating money from blogging may be your best bet. Believe it or not, thousands of bloggers around the world are generating huge income just by writing blogs from the luxury of their home. With a varied set of options like music blogging, creative blogging, and content blogging etc. to choose from, every blogger can easily find his/her area of interest and earn money while publishing content on the web. While it is a favorite hobby that promises to fetch good money, getting good income from a single blog is a bit difficult. Because of this fact, many bloggers work on more than one blog and earn handsomely in return.

Managing more than one blog can be a really tiring task for bloggers. Bloggers who manage more than one blog have to keep a close eye on the various trends, happenings and interesting news on a topic while simultaneously generating new content for the blogs. All this turns out to be a hectic task and without proper management, bloggers can also risk posting mundane content that could have serious effects on the popularity of a blog. Quite easily, for bloggers who are trying to manage too many blogs at the same time, the process of publishing blogs can become a little puzzling without structured blog management. Read on to find out how you can manage many blogs effectively:

One of the most important things that you would need to keep in mind before focusing on maintaining more than one blog is the time you can devote to your blogging. Many people do blogging as a past time and thus cannot blog on a regular basis. If you too are a part time blogger, it is advised that you either go for not more than 2-3 blogs as this would give you enough time to research on the next blog topics and write blogs as well.

While writing content, it is advised that you stick to your own genre and the topics pertaining to it. For example if you have a blog on animal care, it is advised that you stick to animal care and do not wander off to other topics that are not related to it. Sticking to your genre will allow you to create a dedicated fan following that will follow your blog because of your expertise on the topic.

While users who are fully dedicated to blogging often pick up SEO expertise along the way, it is also essential for a casual blogger to learn a few handy search engine optimization techniques. A blog that features in the search engine results can easily take the load off from the blog promotion work many bloggers perform regularly. Stick to good blogging platforms like blogger and wordpress and you are virtually guaranteed to have better SEO than many other blogs. This way you get enough spare time to devote to the other blogs you are managing.

For working with multiple blogs, users are advised to keep a track of their progress with the use of Excel spread sheets which could brief the date of last published blog, its topic and any other notes if required. While managing multiple blogs, always remember not to devote all your time on one blog because that would lead to negligence of other blogs.