Materials Used in Designer Handbags

Materials Used in Designer Handbags

Are you confused in selecting designer handbag; in context of the material of which it is made? This article will clear all of your confusions regarding the material of which handbag is made up of.  Up to certain extent, the choice of material of the handbag depends on your handbag’s usage.

For this, you need to answer yourself some of the simple questions like, Do you want handbag for compliment purpose? Or you want handbag for filling stuffs inside it? Or you want your handbag to be reliable and long lasting?

Here are some of the useful combinations of materials of handbags and their usage:

•    Now-a-days, leather is the most general material used for making designer handbags. The reason is that leather is strong, long lasting and reliable. Also, leather comes under wide varieties like natural, cowhide, man made, goatskin etc. Strong and durable leather does not leave spots when exposed under raindrops. Moreover, it wouldn’t be torn even after rough usage.

•    Suede also has many of the same properties as of leather in case of strength and robustness. But, due to hardness of material for color and design, suede is preferred less for making designer handbags. Although Coach provides wide range of designs and color in suede handbags.

•    Besides the traditional materials of leather, nylon, suede and canvas, there are many other materials that can provide you a fashionable designer handbag. Some of them are listed below:
•    Designer handbags made up of seatbelts. These handbags are made from recycled seat belts in criss-cross pattern. Such handbags are durable, colorful and are much more attractive.

•    License Plate handbags: Handbags are made from cleaned and recycled licence plates. Such handbags have special shape and are robust.

•    Velvet bags: Some evening handbags are also made up of velvet.

•    Ugg handbags: These handbags are made from treated sheepskin.

•    Beijo handbags: Such handbags are made from polyvinyl. These handbags can easily be wiped because of its hardness.

•    Louis Vuitton high-end bags: Some of these bags are made from mixture of cowhide leather and ostrich leather. They have fantastic looks.

•    Some of the handbags are also made from crocodile skin.
So, you might get confused while selecting material for your own handbag. Don’t get confused, as one simple question’s answer will clear all your confusion. The question is “what kind of personality you are?” Also suitable options are given below that may help you in answering above question easily.

•    If you are traditional, dependable and strong then you should purchase leather handbag.

•    If you are trendy then go for seat belt bag.

•    If you are person of different nature means interested in trying something different then you should try license plate handbags or design at your own.
Thus this article provides knowledge of almost all materials used for making handbags.