Mexican Cruise Vacations

Tempting food, numerous activities and fabulous entertainment, all these and much more await to be explored by you during a cruise vacation in Mexico. That apart you will be glad to know that some of the best cruise lines of the world offer special itineraries in Mexico along the East Coast (Mayan Riviera) and West Coast (Mexican Riviera). Read on to know about everything you would like to know about a cruise vacation in Mexico.
Cruise in the Sea of Cortes

While talking about where to cruise in Mexico, the first place that strikes the mind is the Sea of Cortez or Cortes. Located between the Baja Peninsula and mainland Mexico, the Sea of Cortes houses numerous wildlife spots and deserts. Following are the things worth exploring and watching while cruising the Sea of Cortes:

* Loreto
* La Paz
* Isla Partida
* Isla Coyote
* Isla San Francisco
* Sea Lions and Sea Birds at Los Islotes
* Sunrise Watching from the Safari Quest

Planning your Cruise Vacation

You might be delaying your cruise vacation to Mexico due to some unanswered queries. So, to simplify the whole planning procedure for your cruise vacation, we will now tell you how to plan your cruise vacation. Simply answer the following ten questions and you will be able to plan a great cruise vacation in Mexico:

* Who all will go on the cruise?
* Where do you want to cruise?
* How long do you want to cruise?
* How much can you spend on cruise?
* When do you want to cruise?
* Which type pf cabin do you want?
* How do you want to start your cruise?
* What things will you like to do in cruise?
* When do you like to eat on cruise?
* What dresses would you wear in cruise?

Mexico Cruise Destinations

Choosing a cruise destination in Mexico is often a difficult task owing the plethora of options that are available. Some of the popular destinations include:

* Gulf of Mexico
* Caribbean Sea
* Pacific Ocean
* Bay of Campeche
* Gulf of Tehuantepec
* Baja California
* Yucatan Peninsula
Each destination has something unique to offer and you can easily frequent yourself with their details by checking out the welcome package offered by your cruise lines. Of the cruse lines operating in Mexico the prominent four cruise lines that provide cruises to the major destinations are
* Carnival Cruises
* Mexico Cruises
* Norwegian Cruises
* Princess Cruises

Ports of Call in Mexico

Now, since you know what all you need to know before planning a cruise vacation and which destinations are worth exploring in Mexico, it’s time to know about some popular Ports of Call in Mexico. Much of the fun and adventure that you are going to enjoy will be on these ports of call during your Mexican Cruise vacation. Following are the ports of call in Mexico:

* Acapulco
* Cabo San Lucas
* Puerto Vallarta
* Zihuatanejo
* Ensenada
* Manzanillo
* Mazatlan
* Catalina Island